Fantastic beasts

My version of Fantastic beasts


2. Home (2)

The door was opened by a short stumpy woman, her black hair was a mess around her pink face, her eyes were covered by her big round glasses, she was wearing a floral apron which just about fit around her waist, her short fat legs stuck out the bottom like two tree trunks and she had a pair of red slippers on her feet, she looked like a typical housewife but somehow Newt thought she looked very much like Scamander, he was sure she would have killed him if she new. The woman looked confused to see Newt, "Mother this is Newt" That explained why they looked similar, "He needs our help" the short woman looked very understanding, as if she knew what was going on and who the young boy was, she opened the door wider gesturing for them to go in.

They walked into a big hall, the floor was wooden but was covered by a large patterned rug that looked about ten years old and defiantly needed a wash, on the right was a large wooden table that had lots of different animal carved into it, Newt looked for any that he might recognise but they were nothing like he had seen before. He looked up and there was a large chandelier just about hanging on and the wall paper was peeling off the walls like dry skin. It looked like the room could collapse at any moment. At the far end was a beautiful wooden staircase, the banister had intriguing patterns carved into it, at the top of the stairs was a stunning stained glass window, the sun shone through it reflecting pretty colours onto the wood making it look magical. The house was once loved very much but now it was just starting to fall apart.

"Newt, follow me" Scamander was stood in front of the stained glass window on the stairs, the sun was shining through her hair onto her face, Newt thought she looked very pretty and became mesmerised by her beauty. "Newt! Hurry up" she said sounding slightly less patient. He struggled up the stairs behind her, still carrying her briefcase. She took him into a small bedroom with two single beds both had light yellow sheets and looked very welcoming, Newt felt as though he hadn't slept in ages, the wall paper was also a fresh yellow colour with a flower pattern. The bed on the left had a picture hanging over it, Newt looked closely and saw it was Scamander, she was linking arms with a girl about her age but she had blond curly hair. "Who is that?" He asked, she turned around and when she saw what he was looking at her smile fell "I would rather not talk about it at the moment" Newt nodded "Well I'm getting ready for bed, I'm guessing you don't have any night clothes so you can wear one of my nightdresses" she smiled at him as she handed him the dress. She walked out of the room so Newt could change.

She came back and climbed into bed and gestured for Newt to get into his bed. He was very confused, one minute he was in a briefcase the next he is in a random strangers house. Scamander began to laugh sleepily "You know you are in my dead sisters bed" She said, Newt jumped out confused as to why she was laughing "don't worry we have changed the sheets, that's her in the photograph, she was very special, I think you have something in common with her. we can talk more about this in the morning, goodnight Newt" she said sounding half asleep. "Goodnight" he replied.



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