Fantastic beasts

My version of Fantastic beasts


1. Discovery (1)

The brown leather briefcase lay peacefully in the middle of the path, people were to busy thinking about their own life that they didn't even notice the young boy crawl out of it, he seemed to big for it but that is what Scamander found most interesting about him, she was watching from the other side of the road. He was pale and feeble with dark blond hair that sat messily on his head, he almost didn't look human. His top was torn and so were his trousers, he had nothing on his feet even though there was old slushy snow clinging to the path before it got sucked up by the sun. He could hardly stand and was obviously inexperienced in walking, people knocked him over as they walked past. Scamander couldn't take it anymore, she was very young herself but mature, she was quite short with dark brown hair resting just above her shoulders, she also was very feeble but a healthy kind of feeble clearly well looked after. She rushed over to him and shut the briefcase he had just climbed out of, grabbed his hand and pulled him out of the way. "What are you doing you idiot?" she hissed at him slightly taken aback when she realised how harsh she sounded "I don't know where I am, what is this place" he replied, he certainly had very good English, "What is your name?" she asked slightly more softly than last time, "I don't know, I don't think I have one" he said shyly "Well... I am going to call you Newt, you can call be Scamander" she smiled at him and took his hand again, walking slowly so that Newt could keep up with her. Newt decided he liked her even though she did come across slightly harsh but he knew there was more to her.

They stopped at a big tall building, it was defiantly the nicest house he had seen so far, the bricks were a nice red colour and so was the door, it had four big stone steps leading up to it that were surrounded by lots of greenery, the most he had seen in the short time he had been in the strange place. He set his briefcase down beside him as he watched Scamander climb the big steps up to his front door, she turned around and gestured for him to climb up too. It took him longer to get to the door, walking on two feet just didn't come natural to him, he grabbed her arm to steady himself. "You can come in and we will help you, just don't embarrass yourself, ok?" she said to him sternly, he nodded in agreement as she knocked on the door with the massively over sized knocker... 


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