Down The Rabbit Hole

Alternative Universe- Alice In Wonderland Retelling


1. Crashed From The Overworld

Alice was never very smart. Any other sixteen-year-old would've known not to follow a rabbit down a hole. What she didn't know, was that she was going to fall, for what seemed like hours. Or that she was going to splat into the checkered tiled flooring, creating quite a mess with her body parts crawling up the walls.

The white rabbit was never meant to injure Alice. She was wonderlands only savior after all. He couldn't let anyone find out he'd killed her. Accidently, of course. So he devised a plan; Sow her back together. 

Little did poor Alice know, that when she woke up, she had not only lost an eye but her sanity too. And her arm. And part of her skull. She was never born a weapon, but the White Rabbit had turned her into one of mass destruction. Not only had she been sewn back together into a person she hated, but she was expected to save the land of which turned her into the horrific creature she now is.

"Wake up Alice." The White Rabbit called, sharpening his saw and hanging it back up on his rack, "There's much to do!" He hopped over to her and shook her. Her eye opened in shock. She shot up from the metal framed bed and admired the view around her. The view of a metal box, with instruments of torture and blood splattered all over the walls. Alice screamed and tried to run, but her arms were bound to the bed. She didn't know where she was. She didn't understand as she had no recollection of what happened after falling down a deep, dark hole. She looked down to the cuffs, to see if there was any way she could unlock them, and she noticed something quite peculiar. Alice shrieked more as she realized the metal she had for an arm. 
"Quite the upgrade my darling. Too bad I can't say that for your poor face." White toddled over to a mask he had created it earlier and held it up to Alice's screaming face. "Ah, A perfect fit."
"What have you done to me?" Alice roared at the rabbit, who ignored her stupid questions.
"This has to be a dream," Alice muttered under her breath, "I have to wake up from this nightmare."
"You can't escape a nightmare that's not in your head, Alice." The White Rabbit tutted as he sanded off the mask to smoothen it out. "Now Alice, I highly recommend you put this mask on to prevent me from having to look at such a nightmare." 
The mask was a perfect fit, hiding her gruesome and now pathetic excuse for a face. Tears tried to escape the mask but instead sat on her cheeks. The White Rabbit released her from the cuffs and handed her a machete, carved from the blades of the Red Queens Roses. 

"We need you Alice. We need you to save us from the destroyer of lands." Alice couldn't deny the request. Alice didn't want to do anything except go home, but even if she was to go home in  her new state, she'd be an outcast. A monster that deserved to be burned on a stake. Alice nodded in agreement. If she'd any hope of living a life, she was going to have to agree to his terms and conditions.

"Alice. I need you to kill the Mad Hatter."

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