Love Story

Alphys and Undyne are perfect for each other. Everyone knows that. Their best friends want them to get together. Everyone does, there's nothing wrong with that.
But going to fancy restaurants, even if you're not alone, even if you're trying to get your friends together, it can be weird, in a romantic way. Especially when one of you if a hot celebrity.
But Mettaton and Papyrus wouldn't fall in love. That would ruin the love story.
**Human AU**
I made the cover (I as in YaPrtyMuch) ;))


1. The Date

"Good morning, darling," Mettaton said loudly.

Alphys tried to read his face, why was he so excited, so early?

"You should go get ready," he said, walking into the kitchen, his hips swaying as he walked.

"For what?" Alphys mumbled, not wanting to do anything.

"We're getting coffee," he paused to look at Alphys and grin, "With Undyne."

"What?!" Alphys exclaimed looking up at her tall, handsome housemate, with wide eyes.

"Are you awake? We're getting coffee with Undyne."

"I'm barely awake, and why do we have to go out with Undyne?"

"Because you want to go out with Undyne."

"I do n-not!"

"You're blushing, darling. Besides it won't be that bad, you won't be alone."

"Because you're going to be there? Yeah, that's so much better."

"Undyne's bringing her dorky friend, seriously, relax."

"I can't relax! W-What if I do something stupid in front of Undyne?"

"Yeah, that's inevitable, honey, she knows you're awkward."

"Not really."

He raised an eyebrow, but it was hard to tell because his other eyebrow was covered with his hair.

"Okay, maybe she does, but that's why she doesn't like me."

"Are you kidding? She obviously thinks you're super cute. There's nothing cuter than your crush being awkward."

"Undyne doesn't have a crush on me."

"That's not what her dorky friend said."

She rolled her eyes. "You talk to him so much, it seems like you might even like him."

"Don't be ridiculous," he said this like he meant it, but the pink color of his cheeks said otherwise.

"Yeah, whatever."

"I'm going to go get dressed," Mettaton announced as he walked, or more strutted to his room.

Mettaton came out of his room only a few minutes later. He was wearing a pink sweater that showed his shoulders, tight black leggings and hot pink boots with tall heels. His makeup was perfect even though he'd only spent a few minutes on it. Alphys always wondered how Mettaton managed to be so effortlessly fabulous, but that was a mystery.

He shoved a blue dress into her arms.

"How do you have a dress that would fit me?" she asked holding the dress up to neck.

"That dress isn't supposed to be long," he said as if it wasn't disturbing at all.

Alphys tried not to picture the tall man wearing a dress that short as she brought it into her room.

The dress fit perfectly.

Alphys left her room and walked into the kitchen where Mettaton was sitting.

"Oh my god," he exclaimed, "You look adorable, darling!"

Alphys frowned, "I-I'm still not sure about this Mettaton."

"Relax, darling, Undyne's going to think you're adorable."

She sighed and followed her housemate out the door.

"Let's just get this over with."

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