Love Story

Alphys and Undyne are perfect for each other. Everyone knows that. Their best friends want them to get together. Everyone does, there's nothing wrong with that.
But going to fancy restaurants, even if you're not alone, even if you're trying to get your friends together, it can be weird, in a romantic way. Especially when one of you if a hot celebrity.
But Mettaton and Papyrus wouldn't fall in love. That would ruin the love story.
**Human AU**
I made the cover (I as in YaPrtyMuch) ;))


4. Downtown

The sidewalk was muddy and multiple cigarettes lay wasted in the grotesque puddles. The streets were mostly bare, although the roar of the city was still somehow heard. A cat leaped from a nearby dumpster and hissed at Papyrus, who had the hood of his orange hoodie pulled over his head to block out the sharp wind blowing against his skinny frame. He jumped at the sudden interaction and turned to face the cat, who was glaring at him deviously. It looked horribly malnourished, and feeling the need to help the poor animal, Papyrus nervously made his way over to it.

"Hello," He said gently, kneeling down and holding his hand out for the cat to sniff. It did so with caution, uneasy toward the human who had for some reason willingly acknowledged it. 

"Do you want some of my snack?" Papyrus asked when it seemed satisfied. 

The cat's ears perked up as though it recognized the word and Papyrus grinned, reaching into the pocket of his hoodie and pulling out a bag of snack mix. He opened it up carefully as the cat watched with eager eyes, reaching in and tossing a handful on the ground. The cat let out a contented 'meow' and scurried over to the treats with hunger in its eyes. 

Papyrus stood with a smile, reaching into his bag and tossing a few crackers into his own mouth before continuing down the street. 

It wasn't until he turned the corner that he felt the earth begin to shake beneath him. Earthquake. He thought immediately and rushed to cling to a street lamp whilst his mind wandered to the poor cat who was no doubt in need of help. He gasped as others rushed about on the street, screams bursting from lips and both children and elders fell at the vibrations erupting from the earth. A rumbling could be heard above all of this and Papyrus was losing his grip on the metal structure which held to with all his might. 

His fingers slipped as did his feet and he was just falling onto the hard concrete when a pair of arms hoisted him to his feet and held him close while clinging to the lamp. Papyrus tried to catch his breath as he stood against the stranger's chest, squeezing his eyes shut and letting the warmth of the other person's embrace sooth him as the ground continued to shake violently. His thoughts returned to the cat on the next street and he let out a sob.

Finally, the quaking ceased and both Papyrus and his savior let out sighs of relief.

"Are you alright?" The person holding Papyrus asked slowly.

Papyrus turned around to face the person that spoke in an all-too-familiar voice. 

It was Mettaton.

"Y-Yeah," He said, "Are you?"

"I'm fine, darling, Mettaton assured him, looking down at him since he was slightly taller. 

Papyrus, still in shock but suddenly remembering the cat once again gasped and grabbed Mettaton's hand and began sprinting down the street, past many people who were still trying to catch their balance and their breath. 

"Papyrus? Where are we going?" Mettaton cried, trying his hardest to run after him in his pink boots. 

"The cat!" He replied, turning the corner.

"What cat?"
"I met a cat on the way here," He explained, coming to a stop where the cat had been.

"Do you think it's alright?"
Papyrus didn't respond, he just surged ahead, frantically beginning to search for the cat.

"Where is it?" He cried, "Oh, where is it?"

Mettaton frowned, taking a few steps towards where Papyrus was looking, ducking behind a brick wall to find a small cat cowering against it. 

"P-Papyrus, I think I found that cat."

Papyrus jumped from his position, rushing over to the cat Mettaton found and scooping it up in his arms. 

"Oh god, I think it's leg is broken."

Mettaton was quick to wrap his arm around Papyrus and the cat. 

"It's okay, we'll bring him back to my place. We'll take care of him, Papyrus, it'll be okay."

Papyrus sniffled but nodded, letting Mettaton guide him to his car.


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