Love Story

Alphys and Undyne are perfect for each other. Everyone knows that. Their best friends want them to get together. Everyone does, there's nothing wrong with that.
But going to fancy restaurants, even if you're not alone, even if you're trying to get your friends together, it can be weird, in a romantic way. Especially when one of you if a hot celebrity.
But Mettaton and Papyrus wouldn't fall in love. That would ruin the love story.
**Human AU**
I made the cover (I as in YaPrtyMuch) ;))


3. Crush

Undyne pulled her long red hair of the tight ponytail it was in and let it fall down her back. Her hair was smooth and soft and made her dark green eyes look brighter. It was hard for Papyrus to believe she thought she was ugly. If he weren't so gay, he'd be head over heels for her. Maybe. But he was and it was apparent who he was gay for. 

"Undyne, can I stay over tonight?"

"I'm telling you, Paps, you need to stop sleeping over at my house. I know it doesn't bother you, but people are starting to think I'm straight."

He frowned.

Undyne sighed. "Do you need to talk about something?"

"I think you might possibly be right?"

"About what?"

"Well," he bit his lip, "I might kind of like Mettaton."

She rolled her eyes. "Why?"

"What do you mean?"

"He's a jerk! He was totally making fun of you earlier and he's really rude!"

Papyrus looked down, realizing he was still wearing Mettaton's sweater. His face felt hot. 

"But he- He can't be that bad!"

"Oh, come on, tell me one nice thing he's done."

"Well, didn't he give that guy his dress after his show because the guy said he inspired him?"

"You mean the show where he tried to kill Frisk?"

"You tried to kill them too!"

"That's irrelevant!"


She paused.

"Okay, maybe he did that but that's it."

Papyrus frowned.

"I'm leaving."

"What, why?"

He got up from Undyne's broken kitchen table.

"C'mon, Paps. I'm sorry."

"Sans is going to be worried if I don't get home soon anyway," he mumbled (which was a very difficult task for someone with a voice so loud) as he stepped out the door.

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