Love Story

Alphys and Undyne are perfect for each other. Everyone knows that. Their best friends want them to get together. Everyone does, there's nothing wrong with that.
But going to fancy restaurants, even if you're not alone, even if you're trying to get your friends together, it can be weird, in a romantic way. Especially when one of you if a hot celebrity.
But Mettaton and Papyrus wouldn't fall in love. That would ruin the love story.
**Human AU**
I made the cover (I as in YaPrtyMuch) ;))


2. Coffee

Undyne sat impatiently at the small table.

"Papyrus, why are we doing this again?"

"You like Alphys don't you?"

"Of course I do, but she doesn't like me back, so this is pointless."

Papyrus leaned on the table and looked his friend in the eyes. "What makes you say that? You're cool and tough and-"

"And dumb. Alphys is super smart, she wouldn't like me."

"But she does."

"Look, Papyrus, I know you have a huge crush on Mettaton and you believe everything he says, but maybe he's lying?"

"I do not!"

Undyne rolled her eyes.

"And besides that, why would he lie about that?"

"To humiliate me."

"He wouldn't do that!"

Undyne opened her mouth to reply when she noticed a tall man in a pink sweater and a short woman in a dress walk in.

She immediately sat up straight and smiled at Alphys.

Alphys looked extremely nervous as she sat down across from Undyne. Her short blond hair fell in her face and she pushed her glasses farther up her nose. 

"H-hello," She mumbled, smoothing down her blue dress. 

"Hi," Undyne said, continuing to smile. 

She noted how awkward the atmosphere was already becoming. Perfect. Just perfect.

Mettaton sat down across from Papyrus, who was looking down at the floor and blushing, he never was very good at hiding when he had feelings for someone. Mettaton, being Mettaton, decided he should tease him about it.

"Darling, your face is all red. Are you cold?"

Papyrus looked up, clearly startled. His eyes darted back and forth between Mettaton's and Undyne's frantically as he searched for what to say.

"I, um, yeah, a little."

Mettaton smirked, pulling his pink sweater over his head and handing it to Papyrus.


Papyrus' eyes widened.

"N-no thanks, I-I'm fine."

"No, please, take it. I insist."

Papyrus swallowed hard, quickly taking the sweater from Mettaton. Their fingers brushed against each other's ever so slightly and his heart seemed to soar. He quickly put it on and tried to shake the feeling. Mettaton was just being friendly. Yes, that would be it...

Besides, they were here to get Undyne and Alphys together... not fall in love. If anything, he was the one in love, Mettaton clearly thought he was more of a dork than the handsome man he tried so very hard to seem to be.

Oh, but how very wrong he was.




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