Kill Command

1 Kill list 1 killer 20 targets this known wanted assassin needs to kill all 20 targets in 72 hours or his boss will launch missiles at the neighbourhood his parents live can the assassin compete this Kill Command or will he fail to his despair read the book to find out.


1. Assignment

"What are you playing at, you could have got me nicked!" I shout

"Dude chill you never would have been arrested" Warren says Calmly "You don't know that though" I reply"Oh just shut up and quit whining James" I put on a calm face and sit down "what do you want, why did you set me up?" I ask

"1. I have an assignment for you and I know your gonna love it, 2. You don't need to know why I set you up"

"Oh right because it has nothing to do with me when you set ME up, but yes what's the assignment?" I ask

"Here's a kill list there is 20 people on it and you need to kill them all in 72 hours or I'm launching missiles at your parents house" Oh my god he has made me so angry now "Leave my parents out of this" I say angrily "no" he replies. Really a one word answer what a prick "What do you want from me" I bellow "nothing that you need to know about" he says

"I'm done after this is over I will kill you" I say

I'm so angry now I really can't be bothered with this I walk out of the block of flats and start to run

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