Musings of an Immortal (Part One)

*Also on Wattpad* For people who love vampire stories, stories with dark themes focused around unrequited love, and vampire lovers.
"You could be a queen. No, a goddess. An immortal goddess, free from death and all of life's pain."

A tale of sweet seduction fraught with hateful bitterness.

Genevieve Nicolette is the victim of unrequited love. She's the obsession of a ruthless vampire. He's heartless and yet he swears he loves her. But when Genevieve gives him the proverbial cold shoulder this sadistic monster will stop at nothing to get her, the one he believes to be his mate.
Killing, torture, savage cruelty are all within his forte. And when he wants something, he's relentless until he achieves his desires.
Genevieve and everyone she knows and loves is in danger of this immortal's unforgiving wrath.


17. Part Three: The Hunted

(Chapter Fifteen)


"When I said yes to your proposal, was that your doing?" 

Genevieve's voice was angered, "Although, foolish and blind, I did care for you in that moment, I wanted to say no, but I couldn't."

"Let's say I gave you push, as you well know I hold a certain amount of power over mortal women, but if you really wanted to say no, you could have. I may be able to sway you slightly, but you will always your free will. That's something I can take from you completely," Barnabas snickered.

"I am simply another mortal, why can't you leave me be!"

He pushed her against the wall, her body thumped loudly, she looked into his eyes and could have sworn she saw the devil resting in them.

"No! You are different" his voice was tense, yet he kept his tone down, as to not let Genevieve's mother or sister hear him. "Don't forget that."

He placed something into her hand, it was cold and it felt like it was made of metal, he squeezed his hand over her's forcing her grip to tighten, and the object began to dig into her skin. She opens her hand when he finally let her go, the rested the ring he had given her, the engagement ring. Only now the ring was on a silver chain.

"Put it on" he voice come out harsh.

Genevieve shuddered, but she thought it best to obey him, so she slipped the chain around her neck.

He placed his hand on the wall, he leaned into her ear. "Don't you ever forget who you belong to."

I hate you.

"Do you?" his eyes played over her body, "I'll just have to change that."

Not only could this monster affect her dreams, but he could also read her mind. Where would she be safe, is there no place she could escape him?

He gripped her check, he placed a small kiss upon her lips. "There need be no hate between us, why can't you understand I care for you as I never have another?"

Her eyes began to water up, then she found an amount of courage within her "No, you don't care about me. You care about yourself."

"How am I to prove I care for you if you won't let me?" anger resounded in his voice.

Her mind raced, she just wanted a night free of his visits, a respite from him. A chance to find a way to end this once and for all, to wipe this evil from her life, but she needed time.

"Please leave me be. Just for a little while. I just want time to think, it's all so much to take in."

He had a thoughtful look on his face as if to way the repercussions of her request. Perhaps he knew she was up to something, perhaps she had made a mistake in asking this of him. But, finally, after a silent moment of thought, he answered.

"Fine, but remember this; I shall never be far from you. And I won't stay away for long. I'll be back in one weeks time, you have until then. But I warn you, if you dare to try and do something foolish, there will be consequences."


Genevieve put that week to good use, she found a wooden stake was a common thing mentioned in many of the books she read on vampires. She made a stake and kept it by her bed, she would wait until he came to visit her that night. She prayed for strength, just to do what was needed, she couldn't take Barnabas in her life anymore. She wouldn't let him have her, nor, would she let him hurt the ones she loved. Yes she even loved her sister, despite the way Evangeline felt about her.

She wouldn't really be committing murder, she would be destroying an evil creature before he destroys her.

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