Musings of an Immortal (Part One)

*Also on Wattpad* For people who love vampire stories, stories with dark themes focused around unrequited love, and vampire lovers.
"You could be a queen. No, a goddess. An immortal goddess, free from death and all of life's pain."

A tale of sweet seduction fraught with hateful bitterness.

Genevieve Nicolette is the victim of unrequited love. She's the obsession of a ruthless vampire. He's heartless and yet he swears he loves her. But when Genevieve gives him the proverbial cold shoulder this sadistic monster will stop at nothing to get her, the one he believes to be his mate.
Killing, torture, savage cruelty are all within his forte. And when he wants something, he's relentless until he achieves his desires.
Genevieve and everyone she knows and loves is in danger of this immortal's unforgiving wrath.


5. Chapter Three

For the time being Genevieve's nightmares had ceased. Over the following weeks, Barnabas had become a frequent house guest. And those weeks were a happy time for Genevieve, and rapidly those pleasant weeks stretched into months.

Evangeline had, too, become fascinated with Mr. Ashwood. She was green with jealousy, she hated the fact that he spent most of his time with Genevieve, and not her.

Envy is when you see something someone has, and you wish it was yours. Jealousy is when you see something someone has, that you want and you hate them for having it. Evangeline was downright jealous of Genevieve, she hated her for having the attention of the attractive Mr. Ashwood.

He had never departed from his persona of being completely enigmatic, and thoroughly charismatic. Genevieve couldn't explain her attraction to him even if she tried. Sometimes she felt as if she knew him, and at other times, she had felt she didn't know him at all. He had captured her heart, for now. But, much mystery still surrounded him. Maybe it was the mysteriousness he possessed that attracted her.


Genevieve's  eighteenth birthday was fast approaching, only a week away. Barnabas asked her to accompany him that evening for a walk after dinner. She had taken walks with him before, he was her suitor after all. Why should this be any different from the other times they went on walks together? He had always been a proper gentleman, just as she had to expect of him.

They stopped for a look at the almost full moon, just where the branches of the tree had thinned, allowing them to see. Barnabas seemed to love the dark, thrive in it rather. He only came to call upon her after the night had fallen upon her town, she didn't question why she just assumed that he had business to attend to during the day.

"Marry me" he breathed.

She was shocked. Betwattled, she didn't know what to say. Or even any idea how to respond to his question. She hadn't known he felt so strongly about her. She knew he cared for her, but she didn't know he cared that much. 

He got down on one knee. He held an unusual, but beautiful, ring in his hand. Silver, heart shaped overall, but the silver of the ring was shaped like vines with leaves. In the center of the ring, a black rose, pure midnight black. Odd, but somehow it was beautiful to her at the same time. Her eyes fell to it immediately, it was beautiful and it did call to her in a way, but his dark ravenous beauty called to her even more

His blue eyes shined in the light of the moon. They seemed to glisten, his eyes called to her. But, at the same time, she didn't want to make any fast decisions. She had always liked to think things through thoroughly. She was only going to be married one time, so she wanted to marry the right man.

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