Musings of an Immortal (Part One)

*Also on Wattpad* For people who love vampire stories, stories with dark themes focused around unrequited love, and vampire lovers.
"You could be a queen. No, a goddess. An immortal goddess, free from death and all of life's pain."

A tale of sweet seduction fraught with hateful bitterness.

Genevieve Nicolette is the victim of unrequited love. She's the obsession of a ruthless vampire. He's heartless and yet he swears he loves her. But when Genevieve gives him the proverbial cold shoulder this sadistic monster will stop at nothing to get her, the one he believes to be his mate.
Killing, torture, savage cruelty are all within his forte. And when he wants something, he's relentless until he achieves his desires.
Genevieve and everyone she knows and loves is in danger of this immortal's unforgiving wrath.


12. Chapter Ten

As soon as Barnabas entered her home he was greeted by the exceeding smell of cat piss, followed by undertones of cinnamon, they came together in an unholy mix that assaulted his nostrils. Too faint for humans to smell, but it permeated the walls of her home. 

Last time he had laid eyes upon Holly she was only twelve years of age, and irrefutably in love with him. Barnabas did hold a certain fondness for her in those days, although he most certainly didn't love her in the way she loved him, she was just a silly child, after all, filled with childish ideas of romance and great adventures. In truth he had forgotten her until he laid eyes on her, now she was simply another mortal to him. 

She had grown into a lovely young woman, she did have an amount of child doll-like cuteness when she was younger. She was twenty-seven, and obviously, her mother had taught well in ladylike ways. For she carried herself like a lady, never heavy footed. Her attractiveness was a somewhat delight to Barnabas's eyes, although he knew, that she too would die one day.

"Barnabas, you haven't aged a day, I keep asking how it that possible?"

He smirked, "I'll take that as a compliment. But, you my dear, have changed a great deal."

She sat down, leaning forward she gingerly spoke, "Well Barnabas, fifteen years is a great deal of time."

He steered his gaze away from her, "Not really," he sat slowly down on the couch next to her, "Not if you look at the big picture."

She raised her hand to his cheek, "You know, I was quite taken with you when I was younger. When you left without so much as a word, it broke my poor heart." She faked a mournful look, teasing him.

Her look changed to one of determination, she pulled his collar down, revealing the two bite marks on his neck. He jumped off of the couch quickly.

"So I see," she said, undertones of seductiveness in her voice. "A vampire, no wonder you've retained your youthful appearances."

"How do you...

"Please Barnabas, don't remember anything?! I was always intrigued by such stories, filled with such creatures..."

She batted her eyelashes as she stood, his eyes flared with rage as she drew closer to him provocatively. She again touched his cheek softly, her velvet skin against his.

"I'm still quite taken with you, my love, always have been." She placed her lips to his, "Don't worry I won't reveal your secret. Unless you give me no other choice. I'm not a child anymore Barnabas."

He stood motionless, cold, devoid of emotion. She pulled away from him, she climbed onto the bed in the corner. She crawled forward on her knees, her eyes focused on him.

"I want you to take my into your arms, embrace me. Throw me in the thrall of passion, take me my beautiful immortal."

Lust played over her face and her movements, she smiled with seductiveness. She sprawled onto her back, she hiked the skirt of her dress a few inches, just enough to reveal part of her legs.

Barnabas knew then exactly what he was going to do, he didn't like being blackmailed by a foolish girl. She called for him to join her, she even reminded him of what she held over him. She was confident he wouldn't harm her, after all, he had known her since she was a baby. The thought of him hurting her was not even present.

He climbed onto the bed, she wrapped her arms around him, pulling him to her, forcing his body to be against her's. She kissed him hungrily and he returned her kisses. Disgust and contempt for her overcame him as he kissed her, she closed her eyes, enjoying their passion. He began to kiss her neck, then and there is where he carried out his plan. 

He placed his lips against her ear, "Foolish, foolish child. You really thought you could hold something over me, over death."

Her eyes widen, and she tensed her muscles. He could feel the fear fill her body as she lay beneath him. In a split second his fangs were buried deep into the flesh of her throat, she struggled beneath him. She couldn't scream, couldn't get away, he had her in his hands and there was no way to escape. She was a mouse, and he was the cat.

He was angry with her, so he took his time to drink her dry. Her fear was intoxicating to him, he relished her pain, savoring the sweet, metallic taste of her blood on his lips and tongue.

When he rose off of her he could see the trail of tears leading from her eyes down her cheek, her eyes wide open, her spirit had left her. He didn't care about what he had done to her, she was a problem in his way and he eliminated her. Her adrenaline still ran through his veins, he loved the high her death provided him with.

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