Musings of an Immortal (Part One)

*Also on Wattpad* For people who love vampire stories, stories with dark themes focused around unrequited love, and vampire lovers.
"You could be a queen. No, a goddess. An immortal goddess, free from death and all of life's pain."

A tale of sweet seduction fraught with hateful bitterness.

Genevieve Nicolette is the victim of unrequited love. She's the obsession of a ruthless vampire. He's heartless and yet he swears he loves her. But when Genevieve gives him the proverbial cold shoulder this sadistic monster will stop at nothing to get her, the one he believes to be his mate.
Killing, torture, savage cruelty are all within his forte. And when he wants something, he's relentless until he achieves his desires.
Genevieve and everyone she knows and loves is in danger of this immortal's unforgiving wrath.


19. Chapter Seventeen

What is he going to do to me?

Genevieve pushed Barnabas off of her, quickly she rolled off of the bed, still on her knees, she scampered across the floor.

"You knew!"

He rose up slowly as she slumped into the dark corner, "Of course I knew. You can't control what you're thinking while you're asleep." He laughed, "I just didn't think you'd actually try to go through with it."

His face and mood darkened, and when she saw the look in his eyes, the fear of God struck her.

"I must admit Genevieve, your trickery was a beautiful piece of work, I wouldn't have thought you had it in you."

Quicker than of flash of lightning he had her in his hands, he yanked her off of the floor by her hair, she lets out a muffled yell of pain. His lips brushed against her ear as he spoke, his hot breath sent tremors down her entire body. "You do vex me so."

He leaned into her neck, she felt his lips graze her flesh. Unease filled her, she worried he was about to bite her. He fondled her neck with his lips, she wanted to pull away, but he held her tight, his eyelashes flutter against her skin. He licked her neck before pulling his head back, she felt truly sick to her stomach, a disgusted look filled her face.

"Will you never learn?" he let out exasperated.

"Will you never give up?" she retorted nastily.

He grazed his hand across the soft, warm flesh of her bare back. He kissed her back, and her neck again. She wanted to wail out in disgust, but she bit her tongue. He tightened his grip on her hair. "I  guess I'll have to teach you." With that, he slammed her head into the hardwood floor.

She gnashed her teeth, she moaned. "Ow!"

He walked away from her, "Ow!" he laughed, mocking her, "Did that hurt dear?" his tone changed to one filled with fury, "How do you think that stake would have felt piercing my heart?!"

She coughed, "Don't make me laugh. You have no heart, Barnabas. You are a dead thing, and you have no heart." She had a brief pause between each word, her tone defiant.

"I did not choose to be what I am! There was no choice for me, I didn't ask for this!"

He pushed her against the wall as she stood, he put his hand under her chin and raised her head so she was forced to look into her eyes. "I didn't choose to love you either. Why can't I bring myself to kill you?"

His words made time freeze for her. His eyes met her, boring a hole into her soul. He looked lost, and was that a note of sadness she spotted in his eyes? Her hand lifted up suddenly, and by the time he saw the stake it was too late. It pierced through his chest, blood trickled down his white shirt, turning it to a bright crimson color. Confusion filled his face, he grabbed ahold of the stake sticking out of his chest as he sunk to the floor.

He moved his mouth, but no words escaped his lips. Genevieve backed away, she couldn't believe that she actually did it, she had literally shoved a piece of wood into Barnabas's chest. Before meeting Barnabas, never would she have been able to consider even doing such a thing, something so violent.

She backed farther away, his eyes were still trained on her, for the longest time he just looked at her. Then his eyes shut. And she was left in the dark that swallowed her, alone and disgusted at herself for what she had done. Even killing a monster like Barnabas made her feel sick to her stomach.

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