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Tom Morgan is the D.A. of a small town where nothing happens, or so everyone thinks, soon he will find himself in the middle of a murder investigation. Involving the most hated man in town and his attractive, charming wife, who is accused of the crime.

This small town lawyer might bite off more than he can chew when he decides to help the accused woman, Heather Wren, herself. With so many lies and secrets, how will he find the truth?


2. Prologue

Somehow Tom Morgan just became content on not having any excitement in his life, being the D.A. of a small town in Colorado, he had once hoped for a little intrigue in his life. It should come as no surprise Tom nearly had a heart attack, when he heard that Heather Wren had killed her husband Jasper, the richest man in town, she had shot him or rather she was accused of killing him. Tom had heard of Heather Wren before, she was said to be attractive and rather nice, ladylike. He had also heard about Jasper Wren too, he was mean and ruthless to the core. Tom had never met either of them himself.

Thrust into a real case for once, his head is still spinning. Mindlessly he shuffles the papers on his desk, not accomplishing anything at all, just messing around without thought of what he's doing, his heart still fluttering with excitement at the prospect of getting to work on a real case for a change.

He stops suddenly realizing the fact that he is doing something pointless, something he hadn't even intended to do, he takes a deep breath brushing his raven black hair back with the palm of his hand, he hid mystery behind his charming persona and striking blue eyes, which vary depending on the light, in low light they appear slightly green or even at rare times hazel, but the prevailing color is blue, bright blue.

Every day he always dressed the same, well not exactly the same, but the manner of the way he dresses stays the same. A fresh clean sharp suit, button down shirt, and snappy shoes, his suits, shirts and shoes differ in color from day to day, but he always wears a suit. At least in public, he tends to keep to himself and no one in town has a clue to how he dresses or conducts himself in his own home.

Despite his good looks, he's still a bachelor at thirty-two and no intent to marry any time soon, no woman can pin him down. Let's just say he hasn't found the right dancing partner yet, and maybe never will.


Directly after her bond hearing Heather Wren posted bail, she was reclusive after that, staying away from the town and the town's people who are so quick to jump to a conclusion and point their fingers at her as being guilty, doing this before they've even heard the evidence or her side of the story. 

The only question in Tom's mind should have been how to prove her guilt, and it would be, except this case was unusual and there's plenty of evidence to contradict her claims of innocence. Mr. Wren was shot in their home with a single shot from her gun, no one had seen it. But, Heather's story was that she had left the house to go shopping after she finished her shopping she had driven around for awhile before returning home to find him dead. Although it was proven that she did indeed go shopping, there is no way of telling of what time she had gotten home. Three hours he had laid dead in their living room before she called the police saying she had just found him unresponsive and covered in drying blood.

Only her fingerprints were found and there had been no signs of anyone else's presence in the house that afternoon beside the victim and Heather herself. Plenty of people if not everyone in town had wanted Jasper Wren dead, many had great motives for murdering him, but she had the best one, being married to the miserable son of a bitch. Everyone knew all they did was fight in private and in public. Still, she proclaims her innocence with everything in her. 

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