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Tom Morgan is the D.A. of a small town where nothing happens, or so everyone thinks, soon he will find himself in the middle of a murder investigation. Involving the most hated man in town and his attractive, charming wife, who is accused of the crime.

This small town lawyer might bite off more than he can chew when he decides to help the accused woman, Heather Wren, herself. With so many lies and secrets, how will he find the truth?


3. Chapter One

Tom was not entirely sure what he had expected Mrs. Wren to look like, certainly not half as attractive as she actually is. When he heard people around town talk about her, they had talked of her beauty. Obviously, they hadn't exaggerated, when he first laid eyes on her he was struck by her true beauty. She's a girl who looks good with and whiteout make-up, she has a certain natural beauty to her.

A murderess? Perhaps, as least it looks to be that way. Still, there is no denying that Heather Wren is by far the prettiest girl he had ever laid eyes upon. He had, of course,  found other girls attractive, but Mrs. Wren has an indisputable untamed beauty about her.

Heather has thick flowing red hair, down to her lower back. Bright green oval eyes, above which sits red eyebrows, neither too thick nor too thin. Her cheekbones define her thin face, her jawbone is sharp. Her nose is slightly big, but it suits her perfectly. The curvature of her full lips completes her good looks. At one hundred and eighteen pounds and five foot ten, she's thin and, for a girl, on the tall side.


Storms clouds heavy with rain fill the night sky, not the moon nor a single star can pierce the thick gray veil. There had been loud thunder rumbles and a bolt of lightning or two overhead, but it had not started to rain, Tom did expect that it will start to downpour any second. 

Storms never bother Tom as it does some people. To tell the complete truth he finds a nice gentle rain rather romantic, to take a long walk in the light rain with the person you love most, the one who is nearest and dearest to your heart, would be utterly intoxicating. Every once in while he wished that he had someone whom he could love entirely, but it is at those times that he realizes how hard it is to find the one. The one to live life with him, the one who could share in his emotions. He does believe there is someone meant for everyone, he just hadn't found his someone yet.

Besides, he thought a girl might find his company boring, he tended to like simple things, and in simple things he found romance. Reading is one of his many pleasures, a book always allows you to escape the real world, even if just for awhile. Much poetry is amazing to him, but poetry once again is better shared with the one you love. Rather than go out to eat, he much preferred to stay home for a cozy supper alone. He cooks rather well anyway, at least to his tastes.

He does tend to focus too hard on work, maybe that was the motivation for him moving to this small town. If there is only a case every blue moon, then there is little to focus upon. He actually likes most of the people he knows, still, he'd rather be alone, he inclines to stay away from gossip and of what his does hear, he does not care to spread.

The day had been rather dull, despite the new case that had been handed to him, little was he to know about the upcoming event that makes the night anything but dull. Just as he settle into his bed for the night he hears repeated tapping on my front door. 

Bloody hell what could it be this time of night? He thinks.

He tosses the covers off as he jumps to his feet, he hit my foot against the wood nightstand in his hurry to rush downstairs, he mutters a cuss word under my breath before rushing down the dark step. He flips on the porch light before opening the door. It takes only a few seconds for his eyes to adjust to the new light invading the darkness he had been cloaked in.

He is utterly astonished to see who stands before him.

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