Dark Desires

Book one of seven (The Seven Deadly Desires series).
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Vanessa Chandler has never been like other people, she see's things no one else can. People would call her crazy if she told them the half of the things she see's.

Demons thrive in the town of Ravenwood, their master, Satan, would love for them to drag as many souls as possible with them to hell. It's up to Vanessa to use her gifts to save the people of Ravenwood before evil takes over this small town completely.


2. Ravenwood

Ravenwood is the evilest town I've ever known. Evil dwells in this town, darkness fills its streets and the souls of the people who inhabit them. A plague, a curse engulfs this town, it pulls people from they serenity they think fills their lives, into the darkest and loneliest pits of hell. A disease is spread across this town, and this disease has a mind of its own, it is cunning and pure evil, it causes only misery and death. 

The perils I've faced before seem like butterfly kisses in comparison. It's up to me to beat the Devil himself.

I'm going to tell you seven deadly tales of evil, seven deadly stories coming from the evilest midst of this town I now live in, involving seven deadly sins. 

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