Dark Desires

Book one of seven (The Seven Deadly Desires series).
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Vanessa Chandler has never been like other people, she see's things no one else can. People would call her crazy if she told them the half of the things she see's.

Demons thrive in the town of Ravenwood, their master, Satan, would love for them to drag as many souls as possible with them to hell. It's up to Vanessa to use her gifts to save the people of Ravenwood before evil takes over this small town completely.


3. Chapter One: Arrival

By much slothfulness the building decayeth; and through idleness of the hands the house droppeth through. -Ecclesiastes 10:18

For we hear that there are some which walk among you disorderly, working not at all, but are busybodies. -2 Thessalonians 3:11



Raindrops beat heavily against the windshield, as soon as I hit the town limits it began to pour. Not a star one could be seen past the heavy black clouds. I could swear it's colder inside my car than out, ever since the heater went out, I have to put up with it, hell will freeze over before I have the money to pay to have it fixed. The wipers prove to be little defense against the pounding rain, I can barely see past the end of the hood. A snail could go faster than the pace I have to drive.

The many curves and potholes in the road do me little good, the many bumps, and uneven spots test my driving abilities. For being a blacktop road it is in dire need of repair, I've traveled down gravel roads fitter than this. I let a sigh, my breath is clearly visible in the cold temperature inside my car.

I turn the corner, by the time I see the person on the road I'm only a few feet away from hitting them. I swerve to miss them, with the squeal of the breaks my car runs off the road. And from there everything seems to be happening in slow motion. I hit my head on the window as the car rolls over, it rolls several times on its way down the embankment. I scream as the car rattles me like a child with a toy, I hit my head again, throbbing pains follow the heavy thuds.

Finally, the car comes to a stop, upside down at that. Fragments of glass surround me, it takes a few seconds for me to gain my composure, and get my wits about me. The rain pelts the underside of the car loudly and runs in on me through where the windows of the car had shattered. I put my hand to my head when I pull it back down I see blood on my fingertips. 

I unbuckle, which sends me onto my hands and knees to the roof of the car. Pain shoots through my palms and knees, I find shattered glass in my flesh. A small trickle of blood runs down the side of my face, it drips onto the ruffled collar of my white blouse. I ignore the blood and shooting pain as I climb through the window of the car. The rain pours down onto me, soaking me thoroughly, my hair mats and clings to my body.

My skirt has a rip up the side to the belt line, it flaps wildly in the brisk breeze. I also discover several tears in my gray tights, and the sleeves of my blouse had several splotches of red blood. Soaked and freezing I make way up the embankment, my black boots sink into the muddy, saturated ground.

I shiver, my body aches all over and it hurts to even breathe. In pain, but I'm at least blessed to still be breathing, and none of my bones are broken. By the time I reach the road I nearly forgot the stranger in the road. I comb the road with my eyes, I even walk a little way calling out, but I get no answer. 

I know someone was just standing in the road. But, where did they go?

I spot two red glowing embers in the bushes nearby, I blink and the red is gone. It looked like two red eyes, I squint and watch for ten minutes, but I don't see anything. Whatever it was, it's gone now.


My car was totaled, it had to be hauled off to the junkyard. Luckily I had survived the crash with very little in the way of injuries. Carson Frost, my stepbrother, picked me up and drove me to the house I had just inherited, the precise reason I came to this town. It was my mother's house, she had just passed away a month earlier, there was little love between us I'm sad to say. I had no prospects and I had just lost my job, so I moved back to this accursed town. Where else was I to go?

I knew little of Carson, my sister, Felicity, had loved him with all her heart. He moved here with their twin daughters after she died. I hadn't seen the little angels since they were babies, they're thirteen now, I suspect they've grown up to be just as pretty as their mother. 

"How are Isabelle and Annabelle?"

I ask, trying to stir some conversations into the silence.

"They're fine, getting to be a little more hard to handle. They are teenagers now, after all, what an age." 

He kept his eyes focused on the road, "Why are you here Vanessa?"

"Well mother left the house to me, I'm not sure why she did, but she did. I'm not exactly rich Carson, I haven't much else of a choice."

I smile, he turns, his brown eyes meeting mine for a brief moment, then he turns back to the road.

"No Vanessa, why did you really come back?"

I couldn't give him an answer, there are other things I could have done, besides coming back here. But, something deep down beckoned me to come. Something inexplicable. 


The house was dusty, filthy to be precise. Dirt from top to bottom, cobwebs stretch across the doorways and entrances. And inch worth of dust covered the floor, or so it seemed, it was deep enough to show my footsteps in it. I had thanked Carson outside of the house for the ride, and he left. I got into a pair of clean pajamas, my suitcase was the only salvageable thing out of my car, I lit a candle and made my way up the steps to my old bedroom. The electric wouldn't be turned on until tomorrow, it was to be a busy day for sure, filled with tiresome cleaning.

I can't stand dirt, it's something that absolutely gets my goat. I pull a sheet off that covers the old bed, at least it is clean. I crawl into the bed not even wanting to think about the car wreck, or anything else. My black hair is matted, and my hands are covered with deep scratches caused by the glass shards.

I nod off to sleep quickly, but the night proves to a restless one.


  "It's just a storm Felicity, there's nothing to be scared of."

  My little sister trembles, she's only seven and I'm three years older than her.

  "Can I sleep with you, Vanessa? Please."

  I pull the sheet down, "Come on."

A loud crack of thunder wakes me from my dream, more a memory than a dream. I miss her still, even though it's been twelve and half years, the pain will always be with me. 

It was my fault she was dead, and that would haunt me forever.  

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