I'm What Dreams Are Made Of |A.B. Fanfic

*Andy Biersack Fanfiction*
*Also on Wattpad*
Not your average fanfiction. This has a darker side.
Jazabella Monroe just took crazy fangirl to the next level.
Sure many a fangirl adores Andy Biersack, I mean, who wouldn't? Just look at him.
But, when Jazabella invokes the help of a witch to win Andrew's heart, she finds she's might not be able to handle the repercussions of her one wish.


1. Chapter One| Jazabella's POV

  The thick brambles surrounding the outskirts of Lunar Forest are difficult to maneuver through. I make my way carefully through thorns that lash out at me. My skin stings where they scrap across me, leaving small scratches and marks on my tender skin.

  But, soon it'd all be worth it. I look around me, the forest seems so dark, despite it being mid-day. Dense pine green moss covers the forest's floor around several different types of plants. The tree's branches stretch out in a creepy twisted way, they almost seem to reach for me. I bend to avoid getting caught in the branches above me. But, I don't avoid them enough, the strap of my backpack get's caught on a twisted branch.

  After I fight the backpack free I continue farther into the forbidding forest. Ten minutes of walking and fighting through the dense brush later I still haven't found what I'm looking for. I brush back my hair, which is black with streaks of pink and white in it. Using my tongue I play with my snakebites. I have had the piercings for awhile, but still enjoy toying with them when I'm nervous or bored.

  I keep making my way forward deeper into the forest. Several times I can swear something move in the nearby bushes, but I don't dare take the time to stop and look at whatever it may be. It's probably a rabbit or something like that anyway. I trip over a log, after unsuccessfully trying to keep myself from falling, I topple over. "Ouch" I yell aloud as my knee scrapes across a jagged rock. I sit down, pulling back my black studded skirt I see that the flesh of my knee is raw and bleeding from the bad scrape it had received.

  I pick myself up. Should I go back? Immediately I dismiss the thought and continue forward. I'd be a liar if I said I wasn't scared right now, but I know this is all gonna be worth it. I know it.


  There it sits. In all it's splendid...uh...horrid glory. Corbin house, well more of a cabin or actually shack, so I don't exactly know how it came by its name. I heard the Lunar Witch lives here and she's who I intend to see. Gathering my courage I make my way up the "path" to the house, the path is made of sparse rocks and overgrown weeds.

  The shack is rather old looking and in need of some serious repair. It looks like it had never been painted and the boards are so old that they are an odd grayish color. Pale green moss grows on certain spots of the walls, making it even a tad more frightening than it already is. Like much of the rest of the forest, the house is set in darkness. It's a truly gloomy place.

  As I bring my hand up to knock on the weather-beaten brown door it swings open, "Whataya want?" An old grisly looking lady asks. I feel every ounce of courage I had, drop. I mean if I were wearing shorts I'd have to say 'somebody check my shorts'. Yes, I'm that frightened.

  Short, thick gray hair tops her head, under which lie thin gray eyebrows. Wrinkles cover her face, her face is also rather worn looking. I could swear she's nearly two-hundred years old, well, looks that old at least. She has a displeased look on her face and the tone of her voice sounds like she constantly angry.

  "Well, are you going to tell me what you want girly, or not?" She says annoyed. I look at her, she stands as tall as I, which isn't very tall at all. "I want someone to fall in love with me." "Of course you do," she snickers. "Come in." I follow her inside despite my better judgment.

  The place has cobwebs in the corner and several charm like things hang from the ceiling. Which I'm careful not to bump into as they dangle above my head. Near the single window that the cabin possesses hangs various kinds of plants. The floorboards creak under me, I feel a sudden warmth come over me, then I notice the fireplace nearby.

  She sits down and instructs me to do the same. But, since there's only one chair, and that's the one she sitting on, I take a seat on the floor. "Now, girly, tell me more about the person you want to love you."

  "He's not just any person." She laughs, "That's what they all say, girly." I shift uncomfortably, "Well, he's a singer and well...um...he doesn't even know I exist."

  "What did you bring as far as payment, girly?"

 By now that name was really starting to bug me, "Look, my name is not girly, it's Ja...

  "Look, girly, I'm not your mother, your father, your priest or even your friend. I don't need to know your name." I look away, "Very well." I dig in my bag, after I couple seconds I pull out a ring. I hand it to her. "It's made of gold and that's a real diamond in the middle. It was my mothers."

  She grasps it tightly in her hands. "I didn't ask where you got it. You could have stolen it from Jack Frost for all I care. But, I'll take it." She stands, walks over to a small brown chest on a table in the middle of the room. She opens the chest, retrieves something from it and closes it again.

  She motions for me to stand and I obey. Suddenly she grips my hand tightly, "Give this to your man, make him drink it. But, heed my warning girly, these things never work out the way you want them to." She presses the object into my hand roughly then releases me. 

  I dash outside after I gain some distance from the house and her I look at what she had given me. It's a bottle of bright red liquid, the bottle is connected to a chain so I slip it around my neck.

  Finally, he'll be mine.

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