You will never know

this is a collection of thrillers and i called it you will never know because...


1. Your turn

My brother Oliver was a guard. Which was just another word for zombie killer. Every night Oliver would go out, whilst everbody else locked themselves inside, behind giant heavy doors of solid metal, and he would make sure there would be no zombies left at dawn, when people came out from their hiding places. Not many wanted a place in the guard, but it was my biggest dream *you're to young, Victor* he used to say to me. He was sick and today and i was allowed to take his place, although i was very happy, i was also very sad about it, because Oliver wasn't just a little sick, he was in the hospital... dying. 

I was walking down the street, waiting for the zombies to show up, i wouldn't  have a problem recognising them. They all looked dead, with no light in their eyes, swinging, whilst they were walking very slow and their shoulders always seemed misplaced. I had a sword in my hand, it was rather heavy, but it was my brothers, and it reminded me about him, and that i had something to fight for.   

I heard the heavy breathing around the corner, i knew what it was. A zombie. It turned around the corner, and i suddenly became aware that it could kill me. A greenish thick liquid was dripping from its mouth, and its dead eyes were focused on me. I heard a scream, which didn't really help, it just shook me more. I couldn't move, the sword fell out off my hand, it was too heavy. I felt paralysed, i tried to reach for the sword, but i couldn't bring myself to do it i panicked. im gonna die. im gonna die. im gonna die. THUD... THUD... THUD... it walked so slow, i could have easily dropped and picked up the sword 10 times, before it had reached me, but i couldn't move.

The zombie was 10 feet away, when i heard a clattering noise by my feet, a large figure, had picked up my sword or my brothers sword, and stabbed it right through the zombies head, wereafter he cut it in half. He turned around, and hugged me "its okay, i got you" he said, and it calmed me down, the voice calmed me down, i knew that voice, it belonged to my brother Oliver "its okay, i got you" he said again. A tear fell down my cheek, all these years, i have been dreaming about becoming a guard, but it was horrible "its okay, i got you" he said again.


THUD...THUD...THUD...THUD... i looked up, and took the sword out of his hand, knowing that he was weak, and that he shouldn't have come, because it was to dangerous, for him...  


He grabbed my shoulder, and pulled me back in to the hug, "its okay, i got you" he said again, although his voice was a little shaky this time. He was too weak, i had to get him back to the hospital. I pulled away from him again.


He once again, grabbed my shoulder and pulled me back against him, and hugged me, "its ok, i got you" he said again, but this time, it sounded like he almost hissed. I rested my head against his breast, before doing one last attempt, to get out of the hug. When i realised...


his heart wasn't beating... 


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