You will never know

this is a collection of thrillers and i called it you will never know because...


3. who's there

"stop it" Hugo laughed, as i was tickling him, he pushed me away and into the closet.

There was an odd noise.

I turned around, to see the closet moving aside, now there was a stair case going down. I looked at my brother. and my eyes questioned him, if he knew anything about the staircase, behind the closet. He sent me the same questioning eyes. We both pulled our shoulders. "should we... uhm... check it out" i asked him, he nodded slowly.

My brother walked in front off me, down the circular stairs, my brother reached out for something, besides us, the light turned on, Hugos hand was on the light switch. I looked around the room, there was a bed, and that was practically all that was in the room, oh and then there was a lot off trash. My brother turned around and looked frightened at me. "what" i whispered, "the banana peel...

...its still yellow".

Someone was in here right now, with us, I was to shocked to move, my brother gave me a little push, so that i would begin walking up the stairs.

I heard dripping noises, scarlet liquid fell to the ground, a little, sharp, slivery, red thing was sticking out of my brothers chest...

... he colapsed i saw a pair off red eyes with thin snakelike pupils before i ran up the stairs, and pushed the closet back in place.


Its been knocking on the back off my closet ever since. I was almost used to it now.






There was an odd noise.   


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