You will never know

this is a collection of thrillers and i called it you will never know because...


2. He is here

I was walking home from school, it was winter and therefore already dark, I didn't live far away from the school, but i didn't live close to it either. Anyways on my walk home, i realised small drops of blood on the pavemen,t the drops continued for about 300 feet. I turned around the corner, and a little girl sat on the pavement crying, there was a long cut down her leg, and the blood was still dripping from the cut, as i came closer i realised, that she had many scars, that looked very much alike the new cut, burn and freeze marks also covered her skin. She looked up at me, and hastily hid behind som bushes. I knelt down besides the bushes and started talking to her, not knowing if she still was there, "do you need help" i asked her. No answer. "What happened to your leg" i asked. No answer. "Do you want me to leave" i asked, hoping she wouldnt answer yes. No answer. "Let me take care of your cut" i said. No answer. "Who did that to you" i asked, assuming that a cut that large, couldn't happen by accident. No answer. "Wont you just let me take a look at it" i asked. I saw her face, she was slowly moving towards me in the bushes. "Does it still hurt" i asked, she didn't answer, but kept moving towards me. "Come on i can help you" she was now almost back at the pavement "does it stil hurt i asked" she nodded slowly. " do you want me to carry you" i asked, and first she looked up at me frightened, but then she nodded slowly again, i picked her up, she was cold and weighed nothing, i could feel her bones through her thin skin, she was obviously abused by her parents or guardians. I walked home, i walked faster and faster but the faster i walked, the colder she got. I finally reached my house. where I carefully placed her on the couch "i'll be right back" i assured her. Wereafter i ran up the stairs to get the first aid kit, from the bathroom.

When i walked down again she wasn't in the couch. I panicked. then i saw her, dragging herself towards the door because she couldnt stand on her leg. I placed the first aid kit on the couch, and ran after her, I picked her up and placed her back on the couch "just let me fix you up" i said trying to keep calm. she looked at me with tears in her eyes whilst i began to clean the wound. 

"let me go, i dont want to hurt you" she said and looked at me with a serious expression, "what" i asked "i dont want to hurt you he will come back and make me hurt you" i didnt understand "but i cant leave you alone your leg is hurt and i promise i will protect you against him" i said but i still wasnt sure who *him* was.


she screamed... "he is here, he is here, he is here" she screamed.

"Who is here" i asked her trying to keep calm, cause now i was freaking out too, she didn't say anything she just looked up at me. Her eyes were red as blod, and bloody tears fell down her face. "RUN" she screamed and she bagen to move weirdly, like she was fighting against something...

... or someone. the thought scared me and i bagen to run. i ran upstairs which was a pretty stupid idea, because i could have gone for help, if i went outside.

i waited... nothing happened... it had become silent downstairs... i heard the door open and close. its gone i said to myself. I got up from under the bed and went out to the staircase i looked down the stairs. she wasnt gone. my mother had come home. And now she was lying on the floor. There was blood all around her and on the top of her, there sat a little girl. The little girl was crying the same bloody tears as before, she was ripping my mother to peices. I ran back and hid under the bed again. 

I heard heavy breathing and sobbing. She was close. i saw a hand coming under the bedsheets, but...              

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