To Court Death: Bleeding Kiss (Book #1)

Book one of three.
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"I mean this sincerely with every fiber of my being, I find you to be vile and extremely repugnant. I have the most extreme contempt for you and I loath you completely."

With that said he thrusts forward towards Victoria, heated hostility in his eyes and a wood stake clutched tightly in his fist.

Maybe this vampire had bit off more than she could chew. Does she really think she'll be able to keep her secret forever? As if having a curious mortal man on her hands isn't enough, an experienced bloodthirsty vampire bent on revenge, with bitterness and unrelenting hatred in his heart, is determined to get his hands on her, to destroy her once and for all.


23. Chapter Twenty-One

April 25 1817

Eric wants me, I can feel his eyes upon my body constantly. I shall never give myself to him, this monster shall never have me, I will have my revenge upon him for what he did to my family and to me. He shall die for what he has done. For what he has destroyed. For the lives he took, and for the monster he has made me.  


April 27 1817

"You are mine!" Eric screams at the top of his lungs, his face becomes red with seething anger.

"I will never be yours!" My voice quivers, he hadn't allowed me to feed for days, my hunger and rage builds increasingly. "You'll never have me. I will never let you touch me!"

He rushes forward, seizing my arms in his tight grip he yells, "You don't have to let me." There is the undertone of a low growl in his voice. He peers at me mincingly, "I take what I want!"

I struggle, fearing his touch, hating his touch. He lets me go as I pull, sending me to the ground. I scamper backward across the floor.

"That's right fear me. Obey me." A smug, superior smile grows across his face.

His voice is mean and commanding, he stands over me like a giant. His heart is as black as his eyes, evil rests in his eyes, evil, and lust. After rising off of the floor, I run to the next room, I run faster than I've ever run before. Adrenaline fueled by hate rushes through my entire body. Eric walks slowly, toying with me, as of this were a game.

I look behind me, a mistake which shall cost me greatly. With a loud crash, I run into a small table, I fall onto it, it breaks underneath my wait. Strange, I feel no pain, he made me such a monster I can not even feel pain. Before I can even breathe, he is on top of me, I thrash madly. Loud screaming and growls escape my throat, fangs slip out of my gums, something I had, by now, become accustomed to.

His eyes glow bright red, his fangs slip down from his gums, a pleased look fills his face, a delighted smile plays across his lips. He kisses my neck, raking his fangs across me. He bites into my neck over and over again, in this, he manages to cause physical pain, but his repulsive touch pains me more than even the twisted pleasure he receives in gnawing upon my neck and shoulder. I feel the blood draining from my body, a vampire's blood is useless for another vampire to feed upon, it's only another sick act to please him.

My eyes dart about the room. I can not stand his touch, which becomes more aggressive by the minute. I worry he might succeed in taking what he wants from me. I can't take it. He already killed me, but I'd rather he'd end my existence than touch me. Something awkward and round digs into my back as he pushes me harder against the floor, I pull the object from underneath me.

A table leg, the end is jagged, sharp, and pointed. A wood stake. I struggle to think, wasn't there something about this from the stories of vampires I heard as a child? Yes, yes there was. It was said to be something that can kill vampires. But, it must be through the heart, at least I think so.

He vicious kisses increase in violence, without a second thought I ram the stake through his back, I had estimated where his heart would be. I had enough strength to push the stake through his chest, the end of the table leg sticks out through the front of his chest. He stops touching me, the top of my shirt had blood, tears, and rips. His face becomes distorted in pain, it twists in anguish. After a loud guttural yell, he falls on top of me, I found myself too scared to push him off. After a few moments, his incinerates into white ash, then his bones.  A sight I shall never forget, not as long as I live.

Eric was no more.

If I only had known what would happen because of this. If I would have known that I would love Charles, I would have rammed the stake through my own chest that night.

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