To Court Death: Bleeding Kiss (Book #1)

Book one of three.
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"I mean this sincerely with every fiber of my being, I find you to be vile and extremely repugnant. I have the most extreme contempt for you and I loath you completely."

With that said he thrusts forward towards Victoria, heated hostility in his eyes and a wood stake clutched tightly in his fist.

Maybe this vampire had bit off more than she could chew. Does she really think she'll be able to keep her secret forever? As if having a curious mortal man on her hands isn't enough, an experienced bloodthirsty vampire bent on revenge, with bitterness and unrelenting hatred in his heart, is determined to get his hands on her, to destroy her once and for all.


8. Chapter Six

"Well, goodnight Victoria" I had walked with him up the stairs to his bedroom.  

Thankful he hadn't noticed something wrong with me when he had touched my hand.

"Goodnight Charles."

Somehow I can't seem to muster up a smile, tonight I find it impossible to force myself to smile.

After he had closed the door I could feel myself smirk, Charles you naughty boy, you liar, you cheat, I admire his cleverness and his believableness, his ability to put you at ease, he plays you while you think you're playing him, clever very clever.  A perfectionist in his lying, perhaps I have no business nor right to point my finger at him, I am the literal pot painting the kettle black, for I am a master of deceit, a lord of liars. However, I do not like being lied to, not one bit.

But now I know what he truly is and he knows not of my true self, so I have him at a disadvantage.  

"Victoria I must tell you something," His voice interrupts my thoughts, I turn already half way down the stairs.

I listen quietly waiting for him to start, "I don't want you to get the wrong idea after we wed I expect nothing of you" he looks towards my bedroom door.

Without saying another word he disappears back into his room. Never would I have expected him to say that many men would have the opposite opinion on that particular matter.


July 14 1842

Every muscle in my once limber body tensed, the cold dew on the grass rubbed against my bare feet, sending tingling shivers down my spine. My heart thumps in anticipation, I could smell the blood in the air, two of them, I can smell the blood of two people present. One of them very familiar, very very familiar.

But it is too late to stop myself, I see my prey and I am about to attack. The wind softly rustles the bushes beside me, wisps of my hair blow gently in my face, I hold my breath, stalking closer to my target. My victim tonight turned out to be a young man, maybe 16 at most, from the nearby town, considering his location, Lovers Clearing, he was there to meet his fair maiden, either she hadn't come yet or she had changed her mind and left this young man high and dry. I've never had trouble locating my prey, the people leaving the local pubs and their places of work at night also made excellent victims.

I look as my fingers became thin and bone, more so than normal, my nails grew long and pointed. Once again I could feel that old familiar feeling, that deep sinful lustful craving, my fangs slip down through my gums, ready to once again suck every drop of blood from my prey.


The second blood, the familiar one spoke to me in an astonished voice. Charles, I knew all along it was you, I could smell you, smell your blood, your sweet scentful blood.

But as before it is too late to stop, my senses are heightened, I can see perfectly as though it were the day, I dash towards the young man, I hear Charles panicked screams behind me, nothing will save him, nothing will stop me. I jump will ease and agility onto the young man, frozen in fear he lets out a blood-curdling scream, I wrap my arms around him, my claws dig into his human flesh, blood runs from his wounds. The smell of it sends me into a fury, I sink my fangs into his plush neck, I suck his blood hungrily making slurping sounds.

Charles's eyes bulge, terror distorts his handsome face. He watches me, the true terror he must feel seeing my glowing gold eyes alone, then to see me rip into this boy, taking his life to save mine. But, I didn't couldn't stop, my hunger overwhelms me, I continue to slurp his blood. I could feel the warmth leave his body as a small amount of his hot blood runs down the front of my black dress.

The more I drink his tasty blood the more I enjoy it's flavor, savoring every drop of it. After I empty him thoroughly and before dropping him, I like all over his neck, being sure to remove the last bit of blood from his neck. With that, he falls to the ground.

Charles's mouth is wide open in fear, he looks as though he wants to run, but his feet simply will not allow him to.

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