To Court Death: Bleeding Kiss (Book #1)

Book one of three.
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"I mean this sincerely with every fiber of my being, I find you to be vile and extremely repugnant. I have the most extreme contempt for you and I loath you completely."

With that said he thrusts forward towards Victoria, heated hostility in his eyes and a wood stake clutched tightly in his fist.

Maybe this vampire had bit off more than she could chew. Does she really think she'll be able to keep her secret forever? As if having a curious mortal man on her hands isn't enough, an experienced bloodthirsty vampire bent on revenge, with bitterness and unrelenting hatred in his heart, is determined to get his hands on her, to destroy her once and for all.


9. Chapter Seven

April 2 1817

The pure emptiness that fills me in overwhelming, why do I feel so odd? It has to my imagination, it has to be, nothing could be wrong, could it? I slowly crept silently up the stairs, each step was terrifying, but why? Every little bit I climb up them seem to be of no avail, the stairs somehow seem to grow in length, longer and longer.

When I finally reached the top of the stairs, which had seemed to take an eternity, I saw something so horrible, so utterly disgusting, my stomach wrenched, a sea of nausea sweeps over me. Blood, bright red blood was smeared on the door of my parent's bedroom. I could hear myself let out a terrified screech, my heart sunk, I feel could myself go numb, I became light headed, to such a degree I thought I might fall over. 

"Oh please dear God no, no, no! Please, God, don't let it be, let this be a nightmare."

I had said it out loud, I know that I am awake, I could not possibly be asleep. Hot tears run down my cheeks, my eyes became clouded with tears making it harder for me to sleep. I walk into my parent's bedroom, I put a hand over my mouth to stop my shrieks of fear. There they lay, dead in their bed, I didn't want to believe it, my eyes have to be lying and I am not seeing this, but I knew they were dead, their lifeless eyes were wide open and my mother's mouth had been frozen open, a loud yell of terror still on her lips, a scream that had not a chance to leave her throat and now I would never hear her kind voice. My father had deep crimson blood splatter on him, my mother's blood, his own blood had run down the front of his once white shirt. What vile monster could do this?

Hot tears run down my red cheeks, leaving a glimmering wet trail behind them. I could hear my hiccuped whimpering moans of grief, although I could barely tell the sound was coming from me.

My next and only thought was that of my sister, Catherine my dear sister are you still alive? 

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