To Court Death: Bleeding Kiss (Book #1)

Book one of three.
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"I mean this sincerely with every fiber of my being, I find you to be vile and extremely repugnant. I have the most extreme contempt for you and I loath you completely."

With that said he thrusts forward towards Victoria, heated hostility in his eyes and a wood stake clutched tightly in his fist.

Maybe this vampire had bit off more than she could chew. Does she really think she'll be able to keep her secret forever? As if having a curious mortal man on her hands isn't enough, an experienced bloodthirsty vampire bent on revenge, with bitterness and unrelenting hatred in his heart, is determined to get his hands on her, to destroy her once and for all.


17. Chapter Fifteen

I rush angrily at Charles, "I asked you to leave. Don't you understand it is for your own good?"

He pushes me back through the door of my room, "Listen to me."

"No! You listen to me!" My voice is filled with anger, "If you are staying for love I cannot return your love. My heart died long ago, April 2nd, 1817, as I showed you. Leave, you only hurting yourself."

"No, Victoria, you are wrong. You are capable of love, you just have to find the right person. The person who can bring that back to you."

"What do you think, that you're that person?" I laugh cruelly, "Please Charles don't flatter yourself so."

He put's his hands on my shoulders, he shakes me. "I saw it in your eyes this afternoon, I saw concern for me." 

I search myself hard, I can't feel anything, I can not find any emotion. Is he right? It can't be. He has to be wrong, he only sees what he wants to.

He grabs my hand, "Turn me, Victoria."

I pull my hand away "Surely you jest."

"No. Turn me."

"Is it worth it? Are you prepared to lose your soul for me?"

He takes my hand in his softly, "Yes." He whispers low, almost cooingly.

"This isn't a game you know? My voice rises slightly, "Once I turn you, there is no going back. Look at your life! Look at how you would have to live! If you make this decision it is forever. Do you want that? Do you want to be a monster for me?" I look into his eyes, "Am I really worth your soul?

His eyes gleam brightly with love, he tightens his grip on my hand. "Yes, today, tomorrow forever. The answer will always be yes, my soul I will gladly give for you."

"I know to turn you will be extremely painful. I have never changed a human before, I might kill you."

"I trust you."

Well at least one of us trusts me, and it isn't me. I worry I might suck him dry, killing him. I pat the bed motioning for him to sit next to me, once he sits I kneel behind him. I run my fingers through the edge of his hair, quickly I pull my hand away. What am I doing? I didn't even know why I did that.

My fangs slip out of my gums, I sink them into the soft flesh of his neck. His blood is sweeter than any other blood I have tasted, I have tasted many a person's blood. I drink, swiftly sucking his sweet nectar like blood. 

"Victoria is that enough yet?" His voice is weak, but I pay him no attention. I am enjoying the taste of his blood far too much, I have no control. 

"Victoria stop!" His voice now barely audible, "Please."

I quickly pull back, he falls back onto the bed. His eyes are closed and he lies motionless. 

I slide down in front of him so I can see him better. "Oh no. No, no, please. I'm sorry I didn't...

His hair is disheveled, I brush the locks of his hair back. "Charles."

I quickly claw at my neck, I lean over him. Several drops of blood fall onto him, I do my best to get the blood into his mouth in hopes it will bring him around.  

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