To Court Death: Bleeding Kiss (Book #1)

Book one of three.
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"I mean this sincerely with every fiber of my being, I find you to be vile and extremely repugnant. I have the most extreme contempt for you and I loath you completely."

With that said he thrusts forward towards Victoria, heated hostility in his eyes and a wood stake clutched tightly in his fist.

Maybe this vampire had bit off more than she could chew. Does she really think she'll be able to keep her secret forever? As if having a curious mortal man on her hands isn't enough, an experienced bloodthirsty vampire bent on revenge, with bitterness and unrelenting hatred in his heart, is determined to get his hands on her, to destroy her once and for all.


10. Chapter Eight

I look upon Charles intently, waiting for him to make his move waiting to see what he would do next. His became pale, in fact so pale he looked like he had seen a ghost, it was not a ghost, but a vampire. He locks eyes with me, I curl my lip back in defiance, baring my bloody fangs. 

Suddenly he takes off running towards the house, I have an advantage over him once again, not only can I see in the dark, but I am much much faster than any human. A guttural yell escapes my throat, I run after Charles, as I chase him I gain on him. I could have already past him if that is what I desire, but I am rather taking pleasure in the chase. Branches hit him leaving scratches, I reach forward pushing my hand into his back causing him to fall and roll rapidly down the small hill.

He screams before hitting a tree with a hard thwack, I scurry down the small embankment toward poor Charles, who had been rendered unconscious by the heavy blow the tree had dealt him. I pick his limp body up, wrapping him in my arms like a mother would her child.

He had bled a little from a small wound on the side of his face, I smell his blood and it is sweet indeed. The small trail of blood gleams brightly in the moonlight, I nuzzle my face against his for a moment, his flesh is soft and tender, then I proceed to gently lick the blood from his face with the tip of my tongue. I am careful to do it softly, making sure my fangs never even graze him.

I look down upon him. "Oh dear, Charles. What am I to do with you?"

Now I realize just how much I want him, I am lustfully wanton of his body.


The sun had come up by the time Charles awoke, perhaps I could pass it off as a dream, the thought had crossed my mind. I wanted to slap myself the moment it did, for I knew the large bruise on the right side of his face would tell him otherwise. 

He has trouble seeing in my dark room, the only light comes from a single candle.

"I hadn't anticipated you following me Charles. Don't you know curiosity killed the cat?"

He scoots back in fear, "What are you?"

"What am I?" I gesture my own hand towards myself, "I am the creature in the dark. The demon that steals life to save my own, drinking the blood of my innocent prey, then again no one is truly innocent, except a small child, one thing I would never feed from. I Charles, am a vampire."

He swallows hard, he doesn't move, doesn't even speak. "Are you going to kill me, Victoria?"

I look up towards the ceiling, "Not now. Maybe not ever, if you cause me no trouble and do everything I say. I shall not harm you, as long as you listen to me completely."

I lean back in my chair, I take a deep breath I hold it a moment before letting it out. He pulls the blankets of my bed around him, perhaps giving him a little comfort.

"Let's face it, Charles, I could kill you like that." I snap my fingers, "But I choose not to. If you have thoughts of leaving during the day to tell the townspeople of my evil origins, they won't believe you. Because I shall inform them of the fact, that you are a simple thief, a con man who takes money from women." 

I pause a moment, he sits there in awe and shock, "Many women, in fact, you often answered husband wanted ads, you marry them and take their money before you leave town to do it again. That is how you make your living. I still have need of you, you will marry me and you will damn well keep your mouth shut. Or should I visit your dear sister, Emily, you know, the one who has no idea how you earn your money? The only family you have and the only person you care about."

Tears well up in his blue eyes, "And Charles don't bother to ask how I know all this, I have my ways. So what do say, Charles? Will you do as I ask?"

"You cruel depraved monster."

I laugh heartily, I come close to his face, menacingly I whisper, "You bet I am. And you remember that well when you think of your dear sister."

I rub my hand down his soft fleshy cheek, I trace his cheekbone with my fingertips. He pulls away in revulsion, turning his hate filled gaze away from me.

"You saw what I did to that boy last night. That was merciful, with my powers I can do much more terrible things. Things your sweet mind could not fathom." I come close to his ear, "I would rip her flesh slowly with claws, tearing it away from her bones. Slowly and painful she would die and what I have told you and what you have seen is not even half of what I could do to that innocent girl."

Surely at this moment my eyes turns as black as my heart and as black as the eternal night that had become my life, I can feel it, feel it in the pit of my stomach. I couldn't be any colder or any eviler that I am now. Darkness fills my soul, condemning me to eternal death and damnation. 

"I'll do as you ask, whatever you ask I shall do it. But know this, I hate you with everything in me, every thought I shall have will be that of how to destroy you."

I smile wickedly, "Let the games begin."

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