Dark Devotion

*Not a fanfic*
*Also on Wattpad*
*Andy Biersack is on the cover because he's casted as James Black.*
This is a dark story of obsession and murder. (& a lot of drama)
Rebecca has been married for four years, and her marriage is at it's worse. She fears her marriage will soon fall to ruin, she's stuck between bitterness and depression. Then a tall, blue-eyed, mysterious stranger moves into her neighborhood, his darkness captures her immediately.
From the very first second James laid eyes upon Rebecca, he knew he had to have her. She's stuck in an unhappy place, and he's just the person to set her free.
But in the end, what will James have done to achieve his beloved Rebecca? Does she really know James the way she thinks she does? Or is he something she never expected? Will this not so innocent affair end with deadly consequences?
Getting James into her bed wasn't hard, it's getting rid of him that's the hard part.


23. Chapter Twenty-Three

The day of Amy's funeral is as bleak as everyone's mood, thick, gray storm clouds loom overhead. Almost engulfing us in a veil of darkness, not even a single ray of sunshine had been able to pierce the dense clouds.

I had a terrible headache and my ears hadn't stopped ringing since I had gotten up. John has his arm around me, just above my waist. Trying to comfort me, I suppose, little comfort it was bringing me, though. I just wanted to pull away from him, but Amy's funeral isn't the place to make a scene with my husband.

I look over towards the edge of the woods which meet with the outskirts of the cemetery. I nearly fall over when I see James standing under the nearby trees, he had on a black jacket, black jeans with holes in the knees and black boots. His face shows no sign of emotion, he just stands there silently. I knew immediately he had seen me looking at him, I fight every urge to cast a dirty look in his direction.

I turn my attention back to the priest as he closes his sermon over Amy. Several people begin to lay roses on the top of her coffin, including me. I look over at the two detectives standing back from the funeral, observing all and saying nothing. I assume they're looking for anyone acting suspicious, I know that often after someone kills someone else that person comes to their victim's funeral.

I know that several people here had a motive to kill Amy. The husbands and men she had laid with and left behind. The wives and girlfriends of some of those men who had found out. Although several them had tears in their eyes, I know most of the people here won't miss Amy or the trouble she caused.

I couldn't manage to force a fake tear for Amy dearest. I know she was a world class bitch, but I can't imagine wanting her dead for it. I admit that night she found me at James's I hated her, almost as much as I hate James, but I didn't even think she deserved this.

I glance over at James again only to find he was already looking at me. A strange look burns in his eyes that gives me an uncomfortable feeling. I lean into John just to anger James. I look over and see that it had worked, I could tell James was fuming.


After the funeral, it had started to rain lightly, more of a sprinkle here and there. John starts to walk me to our car, but before we get there James approaches us.

"Hi, I'm James Black," he shakes John's hand, "I just wanted to say I'm sorry for your loss." Immediately after John releases his hand, James wipes it down the front of his jeans.

"Do I know you?" John asks. James glances at me quickly, then turns his attention back to John, "I doubt it. I was one of Amy's friend, I didn't know her that well. Al least, not as well as your wife here." He looks at me, "Amy talked about you. Rebecca, right?"

Begrudgingly I shake my head yes. What is he doing? What kind of game is this?

"You know, you look familiar," John says finally after a pause filled with awkward silence.

"Well, I am your neighbor, I live just across the street from you."

John starts to say something but I cut him off, "Well, Mr. Black, we have to go now."

I grab John's hand and start to walk forward, James sticks out his leg slightly causing John to stumble. "Hey, what was that for!" John exclaims.

"I don't like your face," James replies with a smirk across his lips.

"Why you...

I grab John tighter, "Nevermind John, let's go home." As I start to get into the car I look over at James, "He doesn't matter anyway." I hope James had heard my dig at him and when I see his face,  I know he had.

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