Dark Devotion

*Not a fanfic*
*Also on Wattpad*
*Andy Biersack is on the cover because he's casted as James Black.*
This is a dark story of obsession and murder. (& a lot of drama)
Rebecca has been married for four years, and her marriage is at it's worse. She fears her marriage will soon fall to ruin, she's stuck between bitterness and depression. Then a tall, blue-eyed, mysterious stranger moves into her neighborhood, his darkness captures her immediately.
From the very first second James laid eyes upon Rebecca, he knew he had to have her. She's stuck in an unhappy place, and he's just the person to set her free.
But in the end, what will James have done to achieve his beloved Rebecca? Does she really know James the way she thinks she does? Or is he something she never expected? Will this not so innocent affair end with deadly consequences?
Getting James into her bed wasn't hard, it's getting rid of him that's the hard part.


17. Chapter Seventeen

(Eight Years Earlier)

Placing his hand on the cold metal handle of the screen door, James hesitates a moment before opening it. It opened with a loud screech, he then pulled open the wood door. It took a moment for his eyes to adjust to the darkness, he calls out Cassie's name. 

A bright light hit his eyes, he shielded his face with his hand. 

"Sorry," she turned the flashlight to the side away from him.

"Why did you ask me to come here?"

She smiled softly, a tinge of mischief played over her face and eyes. "Oh, I think you might be able to guess." A confused look crossed James's face, she sighed, "Come on, try to use your imagination." She walked over to him, taking his hand she continued, "A boy and a girl, all alone, with the whole night ahead of them."

"Here, now!" 

"Why not? You like me don't you?"

"Well, yes." He looked down at the ground. "I wouldn't have come here if I didn't like you."

She pulled herself closer to him, "I like you too, you know?" She smiled devilishly, "A whole lot."

He pulled away slightly startled as she went to kiss him, "Oh my God," she exclaimed, "You're a virgin! Aren't you?"

She started to giggle and this made James mad, he pushed her back slightly as he turned to leave. "I knew I shouldn't have come here. You're just like everyone else. You crave to make fun of and humiliate those who are different from you."

He grabbed the handle of the door, she rushed over, leaning against the door she looked up at him, "No, wait." She grabbed his hand, "Don't go. I'm sorry, I didn't mean it, really."  

"Leave me alone Cassie."

Taking his hand, she placed it up to her heart, "Is that really what you want?" She reached up and lightly touched his cheek, "Do you really want me to leave you alone?"  

She unzipped his jacket, slowly she started to unbutton his shirt. He leaned down to kiss her, this was his first kiss and he enjoyed it. Things heated up quickly and soon he was completely undressed. 

She placed a finger to his lips, "Hold on, one minute." 

Although confused, he let go of her. She walked to the other side of the room, she gathered his clothes. 

"What are you doing?"

She ignored him, as he rose off the floor she laughs and rushed toward the door. She turned saying, "Have fun virgin boy."

With that she disappeared out the door, he followed after her. Anger overwhelmed him, it finally hit him that the whole thing was a fucking joke.

A bright flash of light caught him off guard as he stepped onto the porch. He heard the laughter of two people, Cassie, and a man's laugh as well. He soon realized the flash of light was a camera flash, and he became even angrier when he saw who the laughed belonged to. Thomas Kendel.

He had always been known as the school bully, and James had hated him his whole life, especially since James was one of Thomas's many victims.

Thomas and Cassie took off and soon he heard a car speed away. What had just happened to James completely sunk in.

"Oh God. What am I going to do?"



The young girl standing on her porch turns towards where James stands hidden in the shadows.

"Who are you? What do you want?" She backs up slightly afraid of the stranger in the shadows.

"Don't be afraid. I need your help, please."

"Well, come out where I can see you at least."

"I can't," he pauses, "I haven't got any clothes. That's why I need your help."

She laughs, "I'm sorry that's not funny, well it kinda is. You got pranked huh?"

"I don't want to talk about it" he replies stiffly, anger in his tone.

"Wait here."

"Where I'm I going to ?"

"Very cute," she remarked lightheartedly as she turned around.

James shivered while he waited for her to return. As soon reappeared on the porch she tossed some clothes at him.

He pulled farther into the bushes and the shadows, he dresses quickly, trembling from the cold all the while.

"I hope they fit, they belong to my dad. Thank goodness he ain't home, you'd be dead right now if he was. He won't notice they're gone."

"Thank you so much, they are good enough for now. I don't live exactly close and I don't relish the idea of walking naked through town. And even if I did live close, my mom would kill me."

She smiles, "Parents can be so ridiculous, it's like they can't even try to understand sometimes." Her smile fades momentarily, then she regains it. "Can I see you now?"

"I'd prefer to spare myself the embarrassment of you knowing who I am."

"If that's the way you want it. Have a good night, stranger."

She smiled again before going inside her home. It was then he realized he knew her, she's the one. The first girl he ever had a crush on, that one he saw in school. It's been a long time since he had seen her, but how could he possibly forget a girl like Rebecca Thompson?  

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