Dark Devotion

*Not a fanfic*
*Also on Wattpad*
*Andy Biersack is on the cover because he's casted as James Black.*
This is a dark story of obsession and murder. (& a lot of drama)
Rebecca has been married for four years, and her marriage is at it's worse. She fears her marriage will soon fall to ruin, she's stuck between bitterness and depression. Then a tall, blue-eyed, mysterious stranger moves into her neighborhood, his darkness captures her immediately.
From the very first second James laid eyes upon Rebecca, he knew he had to have her. She's stuck in an unhappy place, and he's just the person to set her free.
But in the end, what will James have done to achieve his beloved Rebecca? Does she really know James the way she thinks she does? Or is he something she never expected? Will this not so innocent affair end with deadly consequences?
Getting James into her bed wasn't hard, it's getting rid of him that's the hard part.


19. Chapter Nineteen

"What are you talking about?" A bewildered look crosses James's face.

"It was you the whole time."

"It was me? What are you talking about Rebecca." He walks towards me. I back away slowly, "No, leave me alone."

I run down the hall and into my room and I close the door behind me. I lock it, James knock's on the door. I lean up against it. "What is it, Rebecca? What did I do?"

"It was you on the phone."

The knocking stops. I can hear him breathing through the door. "I don't know what you're talking about. Rebecca, stop being ridiculous. Open the door and let me talk to you. Please."

The phone next to the bed starts to ring. I walk away from the door, after making my way around the bed slowly I pick the phone up, placing it to my ear I say, "John?"

"Guess again." I hear that same ominous distorted voice. Oh God, how can this be? "Rebecca, you won't be able to escape me. I'm coming for you and there's nothing you can do."

The line goes dead, I let the phone fall to the floor. I can hear James speaking outside my bedroom door, but for some reason. I can't seem to process what he's saying. My mind spins, if it's not James, then who's doing this to me. I feel a sudden wave of nausea, I stumble towards the bedroom door. I unlock it, grasping the handle I open the door to see James with a perplexed look still on his face.

"Rebecca, what's wrong? Tell me, just talk to me." He takes my hand. I pull away, my nausea dispelled, I straighten up.

"Will you help me?"


After I finished telling him about the treating calls we ended up sitting in silence for what seemed like an eternity. He looks at me, "You thought I'd do that to you?" He looked truly hurt.

"I don't know what to think. I can't trust anyone." The hurt look leaves his face completely as if it hadn't been there in the first place. "Have you told your..." He clears his throat, "Have you told your husband?"

I snort, "Hell, no."

"Then why are you telling me this? Why me and not him?"

"Haven't you been listening? I don't know who to trust, James." I grab the collar of his jacket, "I'm scared, No, more than that, I'm fucking terrified. If you ever gave a damn about me, help me, please." Maybe it's a dirty trick to pull, but I can't be alone in this any longer.

He grabs my wrists, "What do you want from me?! I-I don't understand you, Rebecca. You sleep with me, then you avoid me like I'm some kind of disease. You tell me all you want is for me to leave you alone, just to turn around and say you need me. Tell me what you want. Help me to understand, because God knows I don't understand now."

"I don't know what I want, James."I sigh, "All I know is I need your help." I look him in his blue eyes, "I need you. And I'm asking you, as your friend, to help me."

He finally let's go of my wrists, he places his hand on my cheek softly. I feel so weak and hate myself for it. James turns away from me, he get's up quickly. I follow him to the door, placing my hand atop his should I ask, "Will you help me?"

He nods, "Yes." He turns around to face me, "But, my guess is you already knew that." Relieved and somewhat calmer I hug him. Next thing I knew he started to kiss me. "James I didn't mean it like that." I pull away only for him to pull me back. His lips claim mine in a passionate kiss. I smack him, the only thing I can think to do. 

I open the door, as I do I notice night had already fallen. "Good night," I say gently, I don't want to be angry at him. I just don't want that.

He grabs ahold of my shoulders, pulling me to him he kisses me again. This time it's rougher. I can't find it in me to bring myself to hitting him again. He ends the kiss abruptly, and thank goodness he did, I don't know if I could have ended it and this only makes me hate myself more.

"Good night, Rebecca."

With that, he walks away into the darkness and I'm left alone in a cloud of questions and confusion. Who is James Black? And just how do I feel about him?

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