Dark Devotion

*Not a fanfic*
*Also on Wattpad*
*Andy Biersack is on the cover because he's casted as James Black.*
This is a dark story of obsession and murder. (& a lot of drama)
Rebecca has been married for four years, and her marriage is at it's worse. She fears her marriage will soon fall to ruin, she's stuck between bitterness and depression. Then a tall, blue-eyed, mysterious stranger moves into her neighborhood, his darkness captures her immediately.
From the very first second James laid eyes upon Rebecca, he knew he had to have her. She's stuck in an unhappy place, and he's just the person to set her free.
But in the end, what will James have done to achieve his beloved Rebecca? Does she really know James the way she thinks she does? Or is he something she never expected? Will this not so innocent affair end with deadly consequences?
Getting James into her bed wasn't hard, it's getting rid of him that's the hard part.


4. Chapter Four

I look around, sleep still clouding my sight. The sweet smell of fresh coffee beckons me, it's aroma had awoken me from my sleep. My thoughts go to James, as I climb off the bed. I take the blanket with me, wrapping my bare body in it tightly. I come around the corner of James's home, it looked much different in the sunlight for some reason. I make her way to the kitchen, the tile floor is cold against my bare feet.


My voice came out meeker than I had intended. He sits no more than a few feet in front of me at the small table, his back to me. 

"James" this time a little louder.

I put my hand on his shoulder, still nothing. No response what so ever. A great deal of dread welled up inside me in that second, although I was even too proud to admit it to myself.

I come around to face him, at first I can't bring my eyes off of the floor, then I look up at him. Shrill screams sticks in my throat, I fall back onto the ground, tears well up in my eyes. I let out small whimpering sounds, the light seems suddenly shut out by the darkness.

His eyes were still wide open, so dull, they didn't retain that certain light any longer. His head was cocked slightly to one side, a coffee cup sat next to him, steam still billowing up from it. Blood coated his bare chest, it still trickled down his long arm to his fingers, then to the floor. His throat had been cut.

"You didn't think I'd let him have you, did you, Rebecca? Really?"

I turn my head to the left to be confronted by John's face, red from torrid anger, evil lie in his once green eyes, making them a horrid black color. He held the knife above his head, then he brings it down toward me.


I let out a scream that split the night, my breathing became so heavy my chest was heaving in and out from the deep fear. My eyes pop open to see nothing but darkness, it had been a dream. No a nightmare, a horrid, sickening, morbid nightmare. Oh thank God, it was just a nightmare. 

James shoots up to a sitting position. "What the fuck?" His voice still has sleepiness in it, "What the actual fuck is going on?" 

He turns the lamp on, it's light pierces through the darkness. I shade my eyes from it for a moment.

"Are you okay Rebecca?"

My breathing is still heavy, "It was just a nightmare." I take several short, but loud breaths. "I'm fine."

I look around the room, I somehow feel out of place here. He put's his hand on my arm, "Holy shit, I thought that something serious happened." 

He cracks a smile. "For fuck's sake Rebecca!" His dark hair is disheveled, and he rubs the sleep from his eyes.

I pull away from him, I climb out of his bed. I start to gather my clothes, I begin to put them on.

"I was just kidding you, Rebecca, calm down."

"No James, it's not that. I can't be here with you, I just realized that." I touch his cheek, "You are an amazing person, this has been the best night of my life, one I shall not forget, nor do I regret it. But, I can't continue this. I don't want to be that kind woman."

He grabs my arm, "No, don't go."

I pull away and walk briskly towards the door, "I'm sorry James, I really am." 

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