Dark Devotion

*Not a fanfic*
*Also on Wattpad*
*Andy Biersack is on the cover because he's casted as James Black.*
This is a dark story of obsession and murder. (& a lot of drama)
Rebecca has been married for four years, and her marriage is at it's worse. She fears her marriage will soon fall to ruin, she's stuck between bitterness and depression. Then a tall, blue-eyed, mysterious stranger moves into her neighborhood, his darkness captures her immediately.
From the very first second James laid eyes upon Rebecca, he knew he had to have her. She's stuck in an unhappy place, and he's just the person to set her free.
But in the end, what will James have done to achieve his beloved Rebecca? Does she really know James the way she thinks she does? Or is he something she never expected? Will this not so innocent affair end with deadly consequences?
Getting James into her bed wasn't hard, it's getting rid of him that's the hard part.


5. Chapter Five

The sun brimmed over the peak of the hills that lie just off in the distance, my heart pounds as I make my way across the street, I don't once look back. I can't take back what happened tonight, and I'm not sure that even if I could I'd want to.


A couple day's pass without me seeing James, I know that I can't possibly always avoid him, we live just across the street from each other.  A knock on the door leaves me puzzled as to who it could possibly be.

I open the front door, James stands with a smirk, he leans in slightly. "Well, can't I come in? What could coming in possibly hurt Rebecca?"

"Alright," I stand back letting him in. "Don't let the neighbors see you."

I close the door, turning to him I ask, "What do you want James?"

He leans against the wall with one arm, he smiles, "Now Rebecca, that's not a very nice way to great a friend is it?"

"Is that what we are, friends?

"Yes, of course, we're friends." He leans forward towards me, "But, that was your choice. Being friends, I mean, I would have liked to have been so much more than a friend."

I pull away from him a little bit, hopefully, he'll get the message.

"Alright James, what do you want?"

He sighs, cocking his head to the side he leans onto the wall again, that sly smile once again plays over his lips. "Ah, Rebecca the question is what do you want?"

I eye him questioningly, "What do you mean?"

He licks his lip piercing, then he regains that cocky smile. "Oh, I think you know what I mean. I know you want me just as much as you did a few night's ago." He brings his face closer to mine, "I know it, even if you don't."

"You don't know anything about me!" I snap.

"Oh, don't I?" His deep voice is thick with confidence. "I know you better than you could ever imagine."

His eyes lock with mine, his voice sends shivers down me. He comes close to my ear, "I know that when you were thirteen you went through something very traumatic, something no one should go through."

"Don't" I feel my gut's tightening as he talks.

"You had a little sister once, her name was Olivia. She was five, which made you eight years older than her."

"Please stop James."

"It was an accident, how she died. You blamed yourself for the whole event, you thought it your fault that she was dead."

Only a few people knew that, my parents, a psychiatrist my parents made me see, and my husband. I haven't got the slightest idea how James would know about it.

"Cat got your tongue Rebecca?" he taunts me.

I look him in the eyes, "Fuck you, James."

"Yeah, well you actually already did that. Now let me tell you something your husband doesn't even know." He licks his lips and smirks arrogantly, "Your parents blamed you for your sister's death. It was then you found out you were adopted, and that your sister was of their blood. They never looked at you, or treated you the same way after that."

"Quit it! I don't know how you knew that, but I also don't care. Just stop it!" I scream at him.

He puts his hand under my chin, forcing my head to rise until we were eye to eye. "But they were wrong to make you believe it was your fault."

"It was my fault!"

"No, it was an accident."

"You weren't there."

"You think I don't know you, Rebecca. But I know you even better than you know yourself." 

I pull away from him, "Leave! Get out James, now."

"Fine, but I will be back." 

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