Sometimes speaking, without being heard is worse than actual physical pain.


1. Wounds

Old wounds never truly heal
Over time they just get easier to control
Choosing when to give it our energy
Or when to let it bleed through

All it takes is a word
Or silence
Sometimes the over bearing thoughts we have every day
To be reminded of the first initial cut

It amazes me that even as a child 
I knew that being alone was worse than abuse
Now that I’m grown 
The loneliness is still in my every day life

My words come out
But no one listens
I use my actions 
But no one sees them

I wonder when the day will end
Then in the morning when day comes
I’m reminded of yesterdays events
The day can’t go fast enough

People wonder why I’m so quiet
Others think I’m just shy
What would they say if they knew
I’m just tired of being ignored

Someone said wounds heal with time
All it takes is inner growth and new memories
Something to help build over the initial cut

They lied


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