My Sims 4 Ever

A book about the Sims 4 game, the profiles of my sims and the plans I have in store for them.


1. Why Do I love the Sims?

It's not about playing God

You start with an idea and that you mold that Sim into looking as what you had in mind, sometimes you stray from your original plan and sometimes you end up getting what you want and that's perfect. It's just that whenever I make a sim, I get the feeling that I might have known how God felt when he was creating me- thing is we humans aren't premade. And that's the beautiful thing about it, kind of makes me feel special. Anyways, this book isn't about playing God. It's possible that My Sims will end up inspiring me to make a story. Why already I've made the cast of characters but like with all the stories I've written it seems to lack a problem. :(


My biggest problem as an author, besides being a lazy bum is probably the fact that I love my characters. I want them to be perfect, I want them to be cool and I want them to guide the people around them; I don't want to write about a flawed character, sometimes I find it a little hard to stay in role when writing that story. Also, the conflict of the story, I struggle with pushing the character to that goal, which is quite strange because looking back at my childhood I remember writing stories with decent plots. Which makes me wonder what happened. How could I be blocked by something so trivial?


So I'll be publishing the profiles of my sims, all the thoughts I had when making them and playing their households, I'll upload photos of them later.

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