My Sims 4 Ever

A book about the Sims 4 game, the profiles of my sims and the plans I have in store for them.


2. The First Household I made was....

The Pinkman Household

Technically, Hania was the first sim I ever made on the Sims 4.

So technically speaking she is the oldest, but at the same time she's not.

In The Pinkman household there are three siblings; twins and an older sibling. All siblings of this household have pink hair. Originally I was going to make a sim version of my Youtube persona but I only recently got the game- I wasn't satisfied with any of the available hair and so I decided I'd make her AFTER I got more expansion and stuff packs.


Hania Pinkman

Hania is like the pink version of myself. When I created her, I was settling, I didn't really have that much of a plan for her in mind so I set her aspiration to be... what was it? Was it someone who writes books? No. That was Iktor.

Anyways her aspiration has something to do with books. Ah wait, now I remember! Hania has the knowledge aspiration- she wants to learn any and everything she can, she's a foodie and a loner, if I recall correctly. After I made Hania I was feeling really inspired, so I made a duplicate. (Middle child)

While I was playing her, I planned her to be the owner of a restaurant but after playing her I realized that her being around so many people didn't bode well on her mental health. In the end, I decided she would be a musician, I think it would suit her to be a solo vocalist. She's currently level 7 on the violin and level 4 on the guitar?


Piana Pinkman

Piana pinkman has a romantic aspiration- thanks to me, she already found her soulmate (*cough* *cough* Hanse!). Piana's self-assured, good and an Art Lover. She's about the opposite of Hania. Hania looks a little girly while Piana looks like a tomboy but they're personalities are actually flipped. Piana is the girly one and Hania's more of a tomboy. Piana's occupation is a painter. I leveled her up quite a bit, I don't remember her painting level. Will update this post later. (Youngest sibling - Hania's twin)


Magenta Pinkman

She was the last one to be made, and yet while making her I gathered that she was the most mature. So I decided that she would be the oldest sibling. Magenta has the fortune aspiration. She wants to be filthy stinking rich! Magenta is a genius, a perfectionist and a bookworm. So in my mind she was like the responsible, sterner older sister. I couldn't name all the sisters similarly so I named her Magenta, and when I did surprisingly everything seemed to click.

"Yes," I thought. "she is perfect!"



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