When We Collide || L.H

Haze! Is just your average girl. . . or was she? In her little secret world she calls her mind, her past is giving her bad memories. And in all, its holding her back from what she really wants. Luke, Luke Robert Hemmings. When they finally 'collide' into each others life, it seems for Hazel that the darkness from within herself is trying to cosumse her. . again. But, luckily Luke sees through her wall and tries to let her bring it down so he can protect her from that darkness.
Watch Hazel Grace and Luke Hemmings future together develop. You may even know what their future will be before they do.


1. •Prologue•

What will happen when two people from two way different worlds collide? Nothing good I suppose. Well, she was your average nobody girl at your average nobody school. But him. He's a way different story to tell. He was your above average somebody boy at your above average somebody school.

But, when the two meet and... fall in love? What could possibly go right? Nothing, nothing at all.

Everybody's world has been torn upside down just because the two love struck idiots break up. But that's what happens when you're a nobody who is dating a somebody. It happens even more when you're a nobody dating a somebody and that somebody is in a very, very famous boy-band. And that somebody is also the lead vocalist and a guitarist in that same very, very famous boy-band.

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