Tennis Courts

14 year old Daniel Reigns has been the number one champion at tennis at his school. Suprising enough, Daniel is sent to Sydney to compete in the world tennis match. When at the game, he meets is Nemisis Neema Tajik.
Finally meeting up with him he has two choices... Win the game, or die!


2. Story time time

I've never been out of the country before.

I don't exactly know what it's like...

The only places i have been too so far have to be Seattle....

Oh, i guess it's "Story time time" 

My Great Aunt Mathilda had passed away 8 years ago.

And the funeral was being held in Seattle. 

(Just a quick note).

I don't see what the purpose of holding the funeral in Seattle because my aunt lived in Toronto, Canada.

And my family lives in San Diego, California. 

(Back to story).

By that time news said that we were supposed to have a 4.9 Magnitude earthquake at about 6:30

So, we had to pack up and get out of there before one of us got swallowed in, and crushed by... um...

(Let's NOT get into all the details).

So, when we got onto the airport, we noticed that the building was starting to sway. And i mean SWAY.

Back n' forth back n' forth back n' forth back n' forth back n' forth.

And my siblings were scared. So we ran into the airplane and went on our flight to Seattle.

Only things were worse....

They were supposed to have a 4.7 magnitude earthquake as well.

And i CANNOT tell you how pissed off i was...

And when we drove in my Uncle's car, the ground broke open and it swallowed a car.

I was scared to DEATH....

So, we flew back and didn't go to the funeral.

Poor, poor, Great aunt Mathilda.

Just so you know how she died was because she went to a zoo trip with her husband.

First they went to the alligator exhibit. And the alligator jumped up and grabbed her.

That reminds me of the time when my cousin James fell into the Giraffe exhibit.

It was full of Giraffe poop.


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