Tennis Courts

14 year old Daniel Reigns has been the number one champion at tennis at his school. Suprising enough, Daniel is sent to Sydney to compete in the world tennis match. When at the game, he meets is Nemisis Neema Tajik.
Finally meeting up with him he has two choices... Win the game, or die!


5. Out with you to the window

As i'm sprinting torwards the airport i think about the very excitement of it all.

I hear a buzz on my phone.

It's Jessica Texting me.

"Hey, r u on ur way to the tennis championships?" *Wink wink*

"Yeah i'm on my way"

I put my phone back into my pocket.

Now, let's get back to the parents and see what they're up to.

"Hey sweetie have you noticed that Daniel isn't down for dinner?"

"Yeah. I'll Call him"


"Dad was that really even necessary?"

"Sure was son, i know that he'll come down."

"Dad how many times do i have to tell you that i'm a girl and i'm your Daughter, not your son."

"Well, it's hard to tell because you've got short hair.

"Dad, i'm wearing Leggings right know."

"Huh, where is this boy?"

"I overheard something about him going to australia for some sort of tennis competition."

"Oh... no... he didn't."

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