Tennis Courts

14 year old Daniel Reigns has been the number one champion at tennis at his school. Suprising enough, Daniel is sent to Sydney to compete in the world tennis match. When at the game, he meets is Nemisis Neema Tajik.
Finally meeting up with him he has two choices... Win the game, or die!


1. In the beginning

It took place in the tennis court, I was standing in the center of the court. I was sweating, HARD. Wondering how i would be able to finish the match.

"Come on!" Said Jessica. "You can do it!"

I smile at her and say, thanks, "Jess". That's what i call her as a nickname.

As i throw up the ball in the air i close my eyes for a few seconds... "Come on" I say.

"I got this".

I strike the ball as it launches over like a rocket from Mars. It zooms across and then...

It strikes my opponent in the stomach.

"Sorry" I say.

"It's alright" He says trying to muster up a smile.

As i walk to the bleachers, Jessica runs up to me and kisses me on the cheek.

"You did great out there!" She says.

"Ah, well i wasn't very proud of hitting him in the stomach." I say sheepishly.

"Oh, well you did good! And that's what matters!"

As i walk out of the court i see a man, running.

His face is red and burning, he's pretty chubby. (No offense though.)

He walks over to me and stammers.

"H-h-h-h-h- hi..."

I look at him.

"Hey there, um... are you alright"?

"Yes" He says out of breath.

"Here, Take this"

And my eyes widen. Seeing that the yellow sheet of paper says this...

"You are invited to the international world tennis tournament"

"Please put your name, date of birth and phone number"

I look at Jessica, then at the man, then at the paper.

"I need to go" I say to Jessica. Then sprint towards my house.




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