Tennis Courts

14 year old Daniel Reigns has been the number one champion at tennis at his school. Suprising enough, Daniel is sent to Sydney to compete in the world tennis match. When at the game, he meets is Nemisis Neema Tajik.
Finally meeting up with him he has two choices... Win the game, or die!


4. Escape Plan

Why is this chapter called escape plan you ask?

It is because i'm going to find a way to escape out of this house and to Australia.

So, i'm just going to inform you on this pamphlet that i had made. (Note: It is also my escape plan out of this house).

Step 1: Wash hands and then go to my room and grab a rope.

Step 2: Throw rope down and tie it around the metal part of the shower.

Step 3: Pack Food, Water, Money and some AID kits just in case something happens.

Step 4: Leave the house.

Step 5: Get to Australia.

"Oh, wait a second. I can't get to Australia because i have absolutely no form of transportation!"

"Don't worry i've got you covered."

"Oh, hey James."

I mentioned James in the previous chapter. You know, the one that had fell in the Giraffe pit full of Giraffe Poop.

"What are you doing here?"

"I Overheard that you were going to some Tennis Championship thing or whatever."

"Uh, yeah."

"And it seems like your packed."


"Well, i got TICKETS"!

"For Australia?"


"Well, thanks man, you really know how to help a guy out!"

"Yeah well i better get heading ho-"



"Um, are you okay?"


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