Tennis Courts

14 year old Daniel Reigns has been the number one champion at tennis at his school. Suprising enough, Daniel is sent to Sydney to compete in the world tennis match. When at the game, he meets is Nemisis Neema Tajik.
Finally meeting up with him he has two choices... Win the game, or die!


3. Back to the story

My mother was shocked when she found out the news.

"Goodness Gracious!" She said.

"You aren't joking. right?"

No. I'm actually going to compete in this competition!

"Well you must be out of your damn mind!?"

Umm... no i'm not out of my damn mind... and there was no need to swear.

look, could you just sign the paper form?

Fine. but...

But what? 

No. I won't let you compete in this!

But Ma! This is the most greatest moment of my life! How could you NOT let me!

Don't argue with me! Now, get your ass upstairs and wash up!


What? She says. Say what you were gonna say.

You son of a-

No. I-i can't.

I run upstairs.

I sigh. Enough is enough i say.

I'm gonna have to sneak out of here and find a way to get to Sydney


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