Unfamiliar Man

When a young women is struck with a life altering event how will she subdue to the pressure? This nonfiction short story will allow you to travel with Madison as she tells her story in an emotional personal narrative.


1. unfamiliar man

unfamiliar man.

Everything i do has a purpose. At least that's what i thought before i had met you. The day was unforgettable, temperatures reached up to 102 degrees. Your eyes where as blue as the wailing wind, you had a personality like one from a dead spirit. Every time i think about you i get a sour taste in my mouth, a taste of regret, a taste of misery. The unfamiliar past of us always seemed to be brought up, i don't recall how we met but that is pointless to this story. "I wish i hadn't met you," i'd scream to his harshly wrinkled face, sometimes i’d even yell obscure obscenities.

He always stayed calm, too calm, he stayed as calm as the eye of a killer tornado. I hurt him way worse than any illness could ever do. I was what hurt him, i gave him the worst pain. A pain that could never be treated with a few pills and some rest. I am the human who deserves the imaginable. BAM. Sickness hit. Next thing i

knew he was in a hospital bed,never to be the same. Never to leave the white sheets, white crystaled pillows, or white scrubbed women.

"He's dying", the young intelligent doctor said,dropping to my knees, i began sobbing with force. This isn’t real. How could it be? Someone i despised so much, wished imaginable pain on now was my top and only priority. Isn't it funny how thoughts change in a time of need? I visited you everyday. Apologized everyday. I began a pathetic life one involving alcohol and tobacco. Still to this day having addiction problems, and severe anxiety due to my pathetic selfishness. Who was to know i was now the person i promised i'd never be. Your words spoke soft, and gentle. I should have been the gentle one. He forgave me— what a brave man. I could never forgive myself. What i've said to you could never be taken back.

My eyes now pained,reddened, and swollen, and at that moment i knew he had had a heart of gold. A man i had seemingly never looked up to, now spoke words of wisdom. Words i would soon treasure forever. But it was now too late. "Three weeks tops." the evil man said with no sympathy. A look of relief on his face that he had now finally gotten it out, but i was the one now who need a hospital, my acts of rage spoke out. I yelled at the undergraduate doctor who believed he had done everything he could, but there was always more to be done.

The day he left me was September 26, 2016—my birthday. "Stay young forever kid," he uttered, my hand in his. I felt his final pulse,his final gasp for breathe. Dead. He was dead. Goodbye unfamiliar man.

We as humans seem to take things for granted on a day to day basis, i hadn’t ever thought this could happen. But it does, awful things happen everyday to the people we love.

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