Devil In The Mirror

*Not a fanfic*
*Also on Wattpad*
Speak of the Devil and he shall appear.
Through a cursed mirror, Andi makes a deal with the Devil, literally. And her soul was the asking price, but now she'd do anything not to have to pay the cost.
But the Devil is cunning, and Andi may not have any choice in the matter. She summoned him. Now she doesn't know how to get rid of him.
Then shortly after she meets a charming stranger that doesn't stay a stranger for long;
"Party's pretty boring, huh?"
"Yeah" I smile not really sure how to respond to a mysterious man I've never even seen before. I hold out my hand, "I'm Andi, and you are?" "Leviathan." He takes my hand in his and instead of shaking it, he does something no one has ever done before, he lightly places his lips to the back of my hand for a brief kiss. His kiss is so soft and gentle I barely feel it.
..the beast?" he cut's me off. His grin widens, "Yes." His eyes twinkle with a strange look, "In fact, my name is Leviathan Diablo."


5. Chapter Two: Bad News

By morning I still hadn't been able to process what happen. I mean, it's not a normal thing for a mirror to just have a glowing pentagram appear on it from nowhere. What the fuck is happening? I know I wasn't dreaming and I couldn't go back to sleep after seeing something like that.

I rub the tiredness that had just set in from my eyes, I could see out my window the sun had started to rise. And, although I am tired, it would be pointless for me to try and sleep. I know that I can't just go to sleep with something like this on my mind. I've always overthought everything, so that's nothing new. But, this seems too weird to even try and ignore.

I toss the covers off and climb out of my bed. The window is open, due to the fact I never close it in the summer unless it's raining and if it's a gentle rain I don't even close it then. Still, once I had emerged from my warm cocoon amongst the blankets, I shiver in the slight chilliness of the morning air that greets my bare arms and legs. My short-sleeve, thin white lace nightgown offers little protection.

I walk to the mirror and am very displease to see a blonde rat's nest sitting atop my head. Ugh, it'll take at least ten minutes to comb through my jungle of knotted hair. After I finish taming the beast on top of my head, I change into black jeans with ripped knees and silver studs decorating it here and there. I pull a chain through the belt loops of my jeans, I fasten it before pulling my, My Chemical Romance Black Parade, t-shirt down over my head. Which is a little worn out looking, due to me wearing it as often as I do. I struggle a moment trying to untwist it. Lack of sleep must make me stupid.

I fix my make-up quickly, bright red lipstick, black eyeliner, and sparkly black eyeshadow. I grab my black metal cross necklace from my jewelry box, I slip it over my head. I look in the mirror as I fidget to make it straight. I also grab my two matching black bracelets. To finish it off, I get my red rose ring which goes on my middle finger of my left hand, and, my ruby heart ring which goes on the ring finger of my right hand.

I grab my phone from the nightstand next to my bed. My Batman phone cover sticks out boldly, just the way I like it. I plug it in to see if I had gotten messages, it comes off after a few minutes. But, just as it does, the ringtone starts blaring loudly.

American Beauty, pops up, letting me know it was my best friend Annabelle. It was a sort of inside joke, I call her American Beauty and she calls American Psycho. The names fit us, considering she is known as the beautiful one of the bunch and I am known as the psycho one of the bunch.

"Hey, Annabelle. What's up." I ask gingerly as I fix a smudge in my lipstick.


"Oh, hi Mrs. Carveny. Where's Annabelle?" I hear sobbing on the other end, "What's wrong?" By now, panic has got me in its grips. I hold my breath waiting for a response. "Has something happened to Annabelle? Is she hurt?!" I feel a sick churning stomach as the last two questions left my mouth.

Then came the reply I dreaded. "There's been a terrible accident. The...t, t, the doctors aren't sure if she'll survive."

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