Devil In The Mirror

*Not a fanfic*
*Also on Wattpad*
Speak of the Devil and he shall appear.
Through a cursed mirror, Andi makes a deal with the Devil, literally. And her soul was the asking price, but now she'd do anything not to have to pay the cost.
But the Devil is cunning, and Andi may not have any choice in the matter. She summoned him. Now she doesn't know how to get rid of him.
Then shortly after she meets a charming stranger that doesn't stay a stranger for long;
"Party's pretty boring, huh?"
"Yeah" I smile not really sure how to respond to a mysterious man I've never even seen before. I hold out my hand, "I'm Andi, and you are?" "Leviathan." He takes my hand in his and instead of shaking it, he does something no one has ever done before, he lightly places his lips to the back of my hand for a brief kiss. His kiss is so soft and gentle I barely feel it.
..the beast?" he cut's me off. His grin widens, "Yes." His eyes twinkle with a strange look, "In fact, my name is Leviathan Diablo."


6. Chapter Three: The Book

I make my way into my room. I flip the light on, I close the door behind me afterward, I lean against the shut door momentarily. Annabelle had been in a car accident with her cousin Sofia, who miraculously came out of the whole ordeal without a scratch. A drunk ran a red light hitting Annabelle, who had been driving her mom's car. 

I toss my jacket across the foot of my bed as I walk toward my mirror. I look like an awful mess, my eyes still slightly puffy from crying earlier. I change into a dark blue silk nightgown, which feels cool against my skin. Even the evenings are hot this time of year.

I turn and sit my jewelry I put on earlier in morning down on my nightstand. I pull the blankets down and climb into the bed. My head hurts like it's been hit a hammer. 

Doctor Collins and Doctor Tyler, still weren't sure whether Annabelle would live. It's possible she could pass at any moment, last I heard.

After settling into the covers I turn to shut my lamp off. A book I had never seen sat on the table. I know it wasn't there ever a few seconds ago when I placed my jewelry on the top of the nightstand.

Instinctively I reach for the mysterious object. I sit up as I pull the book off the table. I set it gently down on my lap. It's very dusty so I brush it clean with the palm of my hand. I observe the cover for what seems to be several minutes. It's a deep black and the binder is made of leather.

The book feels warmer than the room, but that's impossible. Then again isn't impossible for a book to just appear on a table? I run my hand across the surface of the cover, it's smooth. Then as my fingers reach the middle of the book I feel something else engraved in it deeply. I put it under the directly under the light.


Latin is what I'd guess the language of the text to be. One word I suppose. I wonder what it means exactly. An odd feeling of sickly dark curiosity arise within me, I feel compelled to open the book. It calls to me. But, I can't seem to dismiss this dreadful feeling laying at the pit of my stomach.

I pull back the cover of the book. A sudden gust of wind blows the curtains in the nearby window calling my attention for a brief moment. There are several detailed drawings of a mirror on the first page, not just any mirror, my mirror.

Is any of this happening? I don't understand how any of this could be happening. Have I lost my mind?

I look over at the mirror a moment. I don't even have time to think before my attention is drawn back to the book. I turn the page, the next page has a few words on it.

Anything you wish, I'll give to you.

If, you're willing to pay the price due.

The next page has more drawings on it. It shows a girl kneeling in front of the mirror surrounded by a pentagram of candles. The next one is of the same girl only she holds a large knife in her hand, the mirror had the glowing pentagram, just as it did last night in my room. The one after shows the girl slitting her wrist. The pictures are very detailed, black in white, but chilling just the same. The next page with is the same girl once again, but this time she was standing in front of the mirror, her head cocked back, her eyes rolled back into her head. The mirror was covered in her blood, it looked as if it had been flung there by her.

That's where the book ends. I turn all the pages quickly until I reach the end of the book. Nothing else.

I throw the book across the room. It falls against the wall on the other side of my room, it landed open on the last picture in the book. I tuck myself into a ball, shivering uncontrollably despite the hot temperatures. 

I look over at the picture of myself and Annabelle together on the desk.

Anything you wish...

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