Devil In The Mirror

*Not a fanfic*
*Also on Wattpad*
Speak of the Devil and he shall appear.
Through a cursed mirror, Andi makes a deal with the Devil, literally. And her soul was the asking price, but now she'd do anything not to have to pay the cost.
But the Devil is cunning, and Andi may not have any choice in the matter. She summoned him. Now she doesn't know how to get rid of him.
Then shortly after she meets a charming stranger that doesn't stay a stranger for long;
"Party's pretty boring, huh?"
"Yeah" I smile not really sure how to respond to a mysterious man I've never even seen before. I hold out my hand, "I'm Andi, and you are?" "Leviathan." He takes my hand in his and instead of shaking it, he does something no one has ever done before, he lightly places his lips to the back of my hand for a brief kiss. His kiss is so soft and gentle I barely feel it.
..the beast?" he cut's me off. His grin widens, "Yes." His eyes twinkle with a strange look, "In fact, my name is Leviathan Diablo."


4. Chapter One: The Mirror

Who would be able to guess that a simple gift could change one's life forever?  


By the smell of the burnt toast and eggs floating in the hall, I know my aunt Susan has once again ruined my breakfast. I don't even like eggs, but she makes me eat them, and then the yolk is always gooey. It truly grosses my out, but hey, it's that or starving. Well, starving may be an overstatement.


"Hold on," I grab the railing of the stairs as I descend them, "I'll be right there."

My black high heel ankle boots tap loudly against the wood steps. I brush back my straight blonde hair with my free hand.

I've lived with my aunt for about five years, ever since my mother died in a car accident. My dad said that he, "just couldn't handle the responsibility by himself." and that's how I ended up living with my aunt Susan. We tend to disagree often, I'm eighteen and she just treat's me like a child sometimes, but don't get me wrong, I love her with all my heart. She has always been good to me, she does her best to give me what I ask for too. 

Her house is large, and let's just say, she has enough money she'll not be in need of a job anytime soon. She inherited her small fortune from her dad, apparently, the family has always been rather well off. Aunt Susan is my mother's sister, I've never met nor heard of any family members on my dad's side.

I haven't seen or heard from my dad since moving in here with my aunt, I know I shall always love him, but I hate him at the same time. I know he was broken hearted when my mother died, but so was I and that's when I needed him the most.

When I sit down at the table I look at the "food" that greets me. I end up picking at it for ten minutes, then when my aunt leaves the kitchen I toss it into the trash where it belongs.

"Andi! There's a package for you. And my heavens is it big!"

My shoes click loudly against the white tile floor as I make my way slowly to the living room, my curiosity tempts me to run to see the package, but the floor is slick from just being waxed not too long ago. I have no desire to bust my ass for curiosity's sake.

When I reach the french double doors at the threshold sits a thin, yet long, package. Rectangular in shape and a good half foot taller than me, yet it's only about four inches thick. 

"It's from Joseph."

My dad! My shock nearly makes me topple over. My aunt retrieves a knife, she carefully cuts along the edges of the box, after removing most of the tape, she tears the cardboard box open.

Whatever it is, it fills every square inch of the box it's still partially in. A thick black cloth is wrapped around the object. 

She looks at me, almost excited as I am, "Well, you should finish unwrapping it, it is your present after all."

Ever so gently I pull the black cloth away, slowly bits of the object start to be revealed. It's metal and very shiny. I pull the rest of the cloth away from the object in one quick motion.

"It's beautiful!" I exclaim.

Before me sits the most beautiful mirror I've ever seen. The edges are metal, shiny and pure midnight black. The metal had been shaped to look like vines with thorns and large black roses. The details are incredible, it appears to have been engraved by hand. And although it gleams like a diamond, it looks to be rather old and expensive I would imagine.


I had the mirror brought to my room immediately, I admired the mirror a long time before I fell asleep. 

For reasons I don't know I wake up in the middle of the night, I open my eyes. They go instinctively towards the mirror, as though it beckons me in some way. What I see scares the living daylights out of me. 

How can this be?

A large pentagram begins to grow on the surface of the mirror. The pentagram is a swirling mix of flame like orange and red, like fire embers it glows intently cutting into the darkness. 

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