Devil In The Mirror

*Not a fanfic*
*Also on Wattpad*
Speak of the Devil and he shall appear.
Through a cursed mirror, Andi makes a deal with the Devil, literally. And her soul was the asking price, but now she'd do anything not to have to pay the cost.
But the Devil is cunning, and Andi may not have any choice in the matter. She summoned him. Now she doesn't know how to get rid of him.
Then shortly after she meets a charming stranger that doesn't stay a stranger for long;
"Party's pretty boring, huh?"
"Yeah" I smile not really sure how to respond to a mysterious man I've never even seen before. I hold out my hand, "I'm Andi, and you are?" "Leviathan." He takes my hand in his and instead of shaking it, he does something no one has ever done before, he lightly places his lips to the back of my hand for a brief kiss. His kiss is so soft and gentle I barely feel it.
..the beast?" he cut's me off. His grin widens, "Yes." His eyes twinkle with a strange look, "In fact, my name is Leviathan Diablo."


7. Chapter Four: Blood Promises

After I make sure all the candles are aligned in the same fashion as the picture in the book, I light them. I get down on my knees in front of the mirror. The pentagram glows brightly on the surface of the mirror. The handle of the knife is cold in against the flesh of my hand.

I close my eyes, oh my god I can't do this.

I think back to everything Annabelle and I have done together. She's my best friends, she's been there for me and I have to be there for her.

I place the cold blade of the knife against my wrist. I close my eyes again, quickly I slice my wrist. I feel the warm blood start to run down my arm, it trickles onto the floor. A sudden dark calm rushes over me as I stand, and then I feel nothing. I sling the blood across the mirror's surface.

Then everything went black.

"Here to bargain, my child?" I hear a gravelly voice whisper in the total darkness. Chills travel down my spine, and once again that feeling of dread rises up within in. A godawful feeling in the pit of my stomach churns harder than it had twice before.

Out of the darkness, I see a figure. His eyes are shaped like the eyes of a snake, they glow brightly of hell fire. I hear low growling, a heavy smell of sulfur lingers in the air. The only other thing I can make out in the darkness is his winged back. Long black wings stretch out several feet long in dark grandeur. Long wicked pointed feathers cover his wings, the feathers are an almost polished black that reflects the little light that there is. 

"My friend Annabelle was in a car accident...

"Say no more. She will not die today, I'll see to that. That is...if you're willing to pay the price." I look up at what surely must be the Devil himself. "Whatever the price, I'll pay it. Just don't let her die."

"Very well then, child, you have freedom of will after all. Someone saw to that." He holds out his hand. I struggle to stand, I reach out for his hand. The minute my hand met his, pain overwhelmed. Such physical pain I had never experienced before. My back felt like it was on fire, I scream loudly. His long black pointed nails dig into my hand as I sink to the floor.

I open my eyes to be back in my room. It was already morning and the candles that surround had burnt into nothing. I look down at my wrist. Not a mark on it. I pick up the knife off the floor, no blood. In fact, there's no blood to be found in my room.

The book was still there on the floor in front of me.

I pick myself off the floor, every step painful. My back stings intently. I unzip the back of my nightgown, I pull it down. My eyes tear up and I let my grip on the nightgown go, it falls to the floor around my feet. My back had been branded like a cow. A pentagram rests on the upper back, still raw and bright red.

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