I'll Be Here |Joshler|

|Twenty One Pilots Faniction| Tyler Joseph wants to die. Then he meets Josh Dun. Maybe, because of him, he might think twice.


1. Trees

A/N Sorry right off the bat there's a trigger warning for self harm and anorexia


"So, Tyler what makes you happy these days?" Dr. Clark asked, his pen hovering over the yellow notepad, poised to scribble meaningless notes. 

Tyler thought for a moment, letting his eyes wander from his hands which he continued to rub together nervously to the window. The pale blue sky was just visible over the many trees which reached almost to the top of the window frame. He knew if he sunk into the chair, leaned back into the cushions, he would have a much better view, but he didn't want to be able to relax in this place. He didn't want to come here in the first place, so he wouldn't show any signs of consent to his parent's stupid idea of help, or in their words, "A friend to talk to."


"I wrote a few songs. I painted a few pictures," Tyler hummed tonelessly. 

He could hear Dr. Clark's blue pen scraping against the paper softly. He could hear the clock ticking on the wall. He could feel the waistband of his too-tight black skinny jeans digging into his skin. He could feel his heavy eyelids threatening to close.

"Okay," Dr. Clark muttered, running his hand through his gray hair and peering at what he'd just written under the rim of his glasses, "When was the last time you ate?"

"Earlier today," Tyler lied, knowing this was what Dr. Clark wanted to hear.

Dr. Clark grinned. "I'm very happy to hear that, Tyler."

"Yeah, me too," Tyler agreed, pretending that he really was overcoming his anorexia. 

"So, what was it that you ate?"

Tyler stiffened, racking his brain for something to say. Anything to say. 

"Oranges," He finally said, and Dr. Clark raised his bushy eyebrows in response.

"Okay, then." He wrote this down, too.

"And what about your cutting, Tyler?" 

Tyler looked down at his wrists, which were covered in fresh scars from earlier in the day. He hastily pulled his sleeves up, hoping Dr. Clark wouldn't take note of his behavior.

"I think I'm getting better with that."

"Are you sure, Tyler? I hope you're not just telling me what you think I want to hear."

Tyler nodded genuinely, pretending to understand him as much as he believed he understood Tyler. "I would never. Of course, I'm sure."

Dr. Clark didn't appear convinced. 

"What, do you think I don't want to get better?"

"No, not that. It's just that I... Oh nevermind."

Tyler just nodded again.

"So, now about that voice inside your head...has he been causing you any problems lately?"

Tyler opened his mouth to say something along the lines of, " He's going away," Or, "He hasn't been bothering me," When the alarm on his watch went off in a series of beeps. 

"Well, it appears our time is up, I'm afraid I must be going now," Tyler said as he rose from his chair. 

Dr. Clark opened his mouth to say goodbye, but the small boy had already slipped out the door of the office and outside.

Tyler breathed in the fresh air of Ohio. It was a Tuesday, and a nice one, too. The sun was shining, the air was just the perfect temperature where it was warm enough to wear a T-shirt without a chill but windy enough that his hair could still blow around on top of his head and made ripples in his shirt. Tyler loved nice Tuesdays.

He let his legs carry him to the park, where he found himself scaling an apple tree that was just high enough from the ground to make Tyler feel isolated, but not scared of falling. If he fell, he would probably only sprain his wrist, and that wouldn't be so bad. He finally reached the point in the tree where the trunk parted into branches and he sat there, leaning against one of the more sturdy of the branches. 

He suddenly reached down into his shoe and pulled a small notebook and pen out from under his foot. He flipped it to a blank page and started writing. The lyrics came easily.

We don't believe what's on TV because it's what we want to see. 

And what we want we know we can't believe.

We have all learned to kill our dreams.

He surveyed his work carefully only after three sentences. Something was out of place, he could tell. Suddenly it struck him that he didn't know who the "We" He was referring to was. 

What in the world did he mean? He was all alone as far as he was concerned, no friends, no family that really cared, and certainly no girlfriend. It then dawned on him that perhaps he meant Blurryface, the name for the voice inside his head. Yes, that would be it... He settled on this idea and went back to writing down lyrics. 

At some point, Tyler must have fallen asleep, because he woke up hours later by his brother, Zack shaking him.

"Hey, Ty," He said. 

Tyler opened his eyes to see his brother sitting there with a grin on his face.

"Wake up, douche bag."

Tyler smiled, sitting up straight and glancing around for his notebook, which he found in Zack's hand. 

"Read this while you were sleeping. It's good, man." 

Tyler shook his head, "Not really."

Zack thought for a moment. "No, actually, I think it is. Like if you add a little ukelele at the beginning and threw in some 'Yeah, yeah, yeah's,' I think it would sound pretty sick."

Tyler nodded slowly, thinking about the rhythm. 

"Yeah, that'd be sick as frick!"

Zack laughed, leaning against the tree and looking up into the sky. 

Tyer followed suite, staring up at the clouds, trying to make shapes out of them until he heard a woman's laughter come from what seemed to be directly beneath them. Slowly, he leaned over the side of the tree and looked down. 

A girl with red hair sat under the tree with a boy with blue hair. They were talking about something that both of them seemed to find hilarious. Tyler watched them, careful not to lean too far over the edge, in case they happened to look up and see him there.

The blue boy smiled, his mocha-brown eyes crinkling and his tongue sticking between his teeth. He had a buff body and Tyler could see his biceps through his black T-Shirt, he was wearing skinny black jeans and converse like Tyler. He was absolutely gorgeous. The girl was pretty, too. Her long red hair billowed out in ringlets and her gold nose ring accented her chestnut eyes.  

She suddenly leaned over and kissed the blue boy, who wrapped a hand around her waist. Tyler watched, his heart sinking horribly for some reason. Somehow, he felt the urge to push them apart. 

"You think he's cute, don't you?" Zack whispered in his ear, making him jump.

"Zack!" Tyler hissed, and Zack just grinned. 

"You can't deny it, can you?"

"I'm not gay," Tyler mumbled and Zack raised an eyebrow.

"Do really think I don't know who my own brother is attracted to?" 

Tyler said nothing, he just looked at Zack with his mouth hanging open.

"It's cool, dude, don't worry about it," He said, punching Tyler playfully. 

Tyler felt relief was over him and he let out a sigh. 

"Yeah, maybe I think he's a little cute." He leaned over the side of the tree again to see the couple still making out passionately under them.

Zack snickered and grabbed Tyler's wrists suddenly.

"Zack! Wha-" 

His brother flung him out of the tree with ease.

"Oof!" He cried as his body hit the ground. His back felt sore, but he didn't feel any pain besides that as he sat up and faced the blue boy and his girlfriend who were staring at him.

"Are you okay?" Blue boy asked, running over to Tyler and placing a hand on his back. 

Tyler felt a chill run through him and he looked up at Zack in the tree who was smirking. 

"Y-yeah, I'm fine," Tyler mumbled, looking up into Blue boy's eyes. They were big and filled with concern. 

"You sure?" Blue boy asked, holding out his hand, which Tyler took. He was hauled to his feet and he shook his hand. 

"I'm Josh," Blue boy said, "And you?" 

"Tyler," Tyler replied, giving the boy a ghost of a smile. 

Josh returned the smile and his hand slipped out of Tyler's. 

"W-well, me and my brother should probably get going now," Tyler mumbled looking up into the tree where his brother sat, holding back laughter. Josh followed his gaze.

"Yeah, we'll leave you two lovebirds alone," Zack laughed, jumping down from the tree and walking over to Tyler and Josh. 

He grabbed Tyler's arm and began pulling him away excitedly. 

"Okay, bye," Josh called, confusion in his voice. 

As soon as they were out of earshot, Tyler shoved his brother into the nearest tree.

"Bro!" Zack cried, steadying himself. 

He chuckled involuntarily. 

"Why would you do that!" Tyler yelled, but Zack just grinned at him.

"Oh, Ty, I was just trying to help you out. Take a joke for once. It's what brothers do."

Tyler frowned, but he knew he couldn't stay mad at Zack for long. His brother was just one of the people who were so nice whatever they did always seemed like the intention was sincere. 

"Whatever," Tyler scoffed, rolling his eyes. 

They walked home with Zack in hysterics the whole way.











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