I'll Be Here |Joshler|

|Twenty One Pilots Faniction| Tyler Joseph wants to die. Then he meets Josh Dun. Maybe, because of him, he might think twice.


7. Tears


"Oh, my god, Tyler, baby, you're okay!" 

Kelly Joseph flung her arms around her son, who had just walked into their home. 

"Mom, you talked to me on the phone only two minutes ago. You know I'm fine."

Kelly wiped her tears on her sweater sleeve. 

"I know, but to think about what your father did to you..."

"Mom, relax, we're both okay now. Zack's okay. Jay's okay. Maddy's okay. We're all okay."

Through the gap in his mother's arms, Tyler could make out Madison and Jay playing on the floor in the living room while Zack watched from the corner. He looked solemn and slightly scared, Tyler could just make out where their father had hit him because there was a fading cut across his cheek. 

"Zack," He called softly, pulling away from his mother.

Zack looked up from his gaze and met Tyler's eyes. They both instinctively ran towards each other, wrapping the other in a hug.

"Are you okay? Did Dad hurt you?" Zack asked his little brother.

Tyler pulled away, the corners of his mouth lifting in the attempts of a reassuring smile. 

"A little... But I'm okay now."

Zack looked him up and down frantically, searching for bruises. 

"What about you?"

He watched Zack cringe as he looked out into space, recalling the events of the day before. 

"Same, I guess." 

"You came home after me because of soccer tryouts, right?"

Zack nodded slowly, eyes glistening with the start of tears. 

"What did he do? Specifically?"

"I don't want to talk about it," Zack muttered, "Not unless you go into detail about what he did to you."

Tyler felt a lump form in his throat, preventing him from swallowing. 

"Alright, he punched me, kicked me, and was probably going to do worse before one of my friends came to save me," He explained quickly. 

Zack cleared his throat, pain readable in his distant expression. 

"Nobody came to save me. When I entered the house there was blood everywhere and the place smelled like weed so I left, but not before he came running at me with a shovel from the garden. He hit me three times with it and then slapped me. I just ran." 

Tyler stared at him in awe.

"That's crazy."

Zack nodded, a tear sliding down his cheek. 

"Remember when we were a happy family, Tyler?"


"W-what happened? Why did Dad... why..."

At that moment Zack simply broke down, a sob escaping his lips. Tyler wrapped his arms around his big brother, who was trembling uncontrollably. 

"Zack, it's okay now, calm down."

Zack nodded, slowly pulling away so he could say something more.

"He's in jail now."

"He what?"

Zack smiled through the tears.

"The neighbors called the police after the whole thing went down. It's over, Tyler, he won't come back."

Tyler sobbed suddenly, falling into his brother's arms. He was also crying. The two boys just hugged, sobbing into each other's shoulders in relief, so many other unidentifiable emotions mixed in, too. They were finally safe.


Crybaby: TYleR

Tylerrjoseph: Who is this?

Crybaby: Melanie 

Tylerrjoseph: O hey.

Crybaby: Im in a gc with jish cna i add u?

Tylerrjoseph: Jish?

Crybaby: Josh*

Tylerrjoseph: O yeah ok sure

Crybaby has added you to group chat, WE ARE CURVACIOUS LIONS11!1!!

Beeboissecretlysatan: TYler!

Tylerrjoseph: Hi

Spookyjimchristmas: Hey Tyler!

Tylerrjoseph: Who r u?

Spookyjimchristmas: Josh lmao

Tylerrjoseph: o hi

Halsey: I'm ashley jsyk

Trxye: ye im troye

Tylerrjoseph: omg i thought it was spelled troy

Trxye: wat no lmao

edgykingtimelord: I'm gerard lol

Tylerrjoseph: k hello everyone

Debsry: Hey josh when r u coming over

Tylerrjoseph: Who r u

Debsry: Debby who r u

Tylerrjoseph: I'm tyler im new to school

Debsry: o cool but josh when r u coming over

Spookyjimchristmas: In a min don't worry babe

Tyler felt his heart sink horribly at Josh's message. So Debby was the redhead who had been kissing him under the tree. Suddenly, he didn't feel so much like socializing. 

Tylerrjoseph: gtg

He laid on his back on his bed, staring up at his ceiling which happened to be decorated in glowing stars. He let his phone plop down beside his face, ignoring the buzzing of his friends bidding him goodbye. He felt the urge to cry. 

He knew Josh had a girlfriend, but every time she was mentioned it felt like a stab to the chest. Why did he feel like this? Josh only wanted to be friends, nothing more, and Tyler needed to respect that. 

He couldn't. 

(A/N: small trigger warning here I guess?)

He felt a tear slide down his cheek, felt his hands snapping the wristbands which hung loosely around his wrist against his delicate skin. He relished the pain he inflicted on himself, snapping three times more before forcing himself to stop. Hurting himself wasn't going to help the situation at all and was just about as useful as the tears that now streamed freely down his face, splattering freckled skin which was a soft shade of red from the crying.

(A/N: Safe to read again)


Tyler woke the next morning to a vibrating noise next to his ear. He jolted awake, only to be greeted by the anticlimactic buzzing of his phone once again. He sighed, reaching for it and snuggling back into his blankets, holding it just above his face, arms awkwardly arched to block out the small sliver of light flowing in through his curtains. 

Crybaby: goodmorning

Tylerrjoseph: dude its like 6 go away

Crybaby: lmao k but don't forget u r gonna get ryan with brendon today

Tyler facepalmed subconsciously. He had almost completely forgotten about his promise. 

Tylerrjoseph: omg i almost forgot thx. idk if i can do it all today tho but ill see what i can do

Crybaby: k c u at school

He sighed once more, sliding out from beneath his sheets and over to his bureau, where he dressed in ripped black jeans and a white tank top. He slid on his floral vans and walked down the stairs, skipping breakfast and grabbing his backpack in a swift motion.

How the hell was he supposed to get Ryan and Brendon together? Brendon didn't even know him. He'd made a promise, though, and he wasn't about to go back on it. 

"Hey," He greeted Gerard, who up until then had been sitting alone in the back of the school bus. 

"Hi!" He said, pulling his earbuds out of his ears. 

Tyler sighed, sitting down beside his friend. 

"What's up, you look a bit stressed. Things are okay at home now, right?" Gerard asked.

"Yeah, that stuff's fine, it's just I've got to get Brendon together with one of Melanie's friends, Ryan."

Gerard raised an eyebrow. "Wait, when did this happen?"

Tyler released an airy laugh. "Yesterday at art club, this kid named Ryan admitted to me he had a crush on Brendon. I wasn't thinking, so I promised him I'd get them together."

Gerard's jaw dropped and he chuckled.

"Tyler, what were you thinking? Who even is Ryan?"

Tyler leaned back in his seat, unable to help the stressed smile that appeared on his face. Suddenly he felt his phone buzz in his pocket and he jumped. 

"Who's that?"

"Brendon," Tyler replied, glancing at the notification, "Do you think I should tell him about Ryan now?"

"Well, what did he just text you?"

"He just asked how I was doing and what happened with my dad."

"So, no, don't talk to him about it now. Answer his question."

Tyler groaned in exasperation. 

"I have no idea how to come on about this. I just met the guy, like, three days ago. How do I put this subtly?"

"No idea," Gerard admitted.


Science class was just as awkward as Tyler had expected it to be, if not more. He not only was constantly trying to make sure Josh didn't catch him staring(He did), but he was constantly called out by the teacher for not paying attention. 

"If you're so intent on staring at Josh, Tyler, I suggest you leave and stare at him from outside, seeing as you don't find the lesson relevant," She finally said.

Tyler cringed under Josh's gaze, which he refused to meet, mumbling a small apology to the teacher, as that was really all he could do. 

"Take a picture, It will last longer," Someone blurted from the back of the room, and the entire class erupted in laughter. 

Tyler practically wilted in embarrassment, his cheeks were hot and he felt panic rise in his chest. 

"Felix, you are welcome to leave as well, your outbursts are not needed in this classroom!" The teacher snapped. 

There was a scraping of a chair against the floor and a boy with blond hair was making his way to the front of the room towards the door. 

"Alright, no problem. This class is sh*t anyway," He said, marching out of the room with a smug expression, but not before sending a pointed glare at Tyler. 

The lesson continued, but it was even more impossible for Tyler to pay attention now. Not with the silent panic attack that was occurring in his brain. 

Finally, the teacher noticed the pinpricks of tears in his eyes and said with a sigh, "Tyler, do you need to be excused?"

Tyler just nodded, hurriedly grabbing his bag and rushing out into the hallway. He let out a horrible sob, letting his back crash into the lockers behind him. He sunk down to the floor, pulling his knees up to his chest and dropping his head between them, letting the tears freely flow. 

"Man up, faggot." 

Tyler jumped, looking up at the blond boy looming over him, still smirking viciously. 

Not knowing what to do, Tyler said nothing. 

Felix suddenly grabbed him by the scruff of his neck and pulled him to his feet pressing him against the lockers. 

"You got me kicked out of class," He spat in Tyler's face.

Tyler opened his mouth to deny this but before he could utter a single word, Felix's fist was smashing into his face.

He cried out, nearly falling, but was caught by the blond bully. He grabbed him by his hair, hitting his head against the lockers with a force so hard Tyler's vision became blurry and hazy. He stood back to watch the poor boy fall to his knees before running down the hallway, away from the scene. Tyler, who was extraordinarily dizzy, fell to the floor completely, everything turning black.
























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