I'll Be Here |Joshler|

|Twenty One Pilots Faniction| Tyler Joseph wants to die. Then he meets Josh Dun. Maybe, because of him, he might think twice.


5. Starving

A/N: Trig- ok there's always going to be a trigger warning

Tyler woke in Josh's arms and immediately panicked. He was shirtless, in a bed with the hottest boy he'd ever seen. He also remembered the cuts on his wrist and began to panic even more.

Suddenly the events of the night before flooded his mind and he noticed that he had his wristbands on. He sighed in relief. 

Josh woke to this and Tyler could felt the same sense of panic and relief flood the boy beside him. Josh slowly slipped his arms away from Tyler, who shivered in response. 

"Morning, Tyler," Josh greeted him sleepily. 

Brendon sat up suddenly, his classic goofy grin plastered on his face. 

"What about me, Joshua?"

"Morning to you, too. Don't ever call me Joshua again."

"Sorry, Joshua," Brendon piped, causing Josh to growl lightly, jumping out of the bed and tackling Brendon, who fell to the floor with a squeal. 

"Okay, okay, I'm sorry," Brendon yelped, laughing as Josh pinned him to the floor in triumph. 

Tyler giggled softly, causing the two wrestling boys to look over at him.

"One thing you should know, Ty, don't ever call Josh Joshua, or he might just snap your diddly darn neck." 

Josh flashed him a grin, letting Brendon go and running over to his closet. He threw some clothes at the both of them. 

"Put this on. Might be a little small 'cause I'm so short."

And because I'm so fat, Tyler thought.

When all the boys were dressed, Josh led them down the stairs to the kitchen, where he pulled out some boxes of cereal from a cabinet. 

"I hope you weren't expecting anything fancy, Ty, cause uh, we only got cereal."

"Oh, no, that's okay. Like, really," Tyler muttered, sitting down at the kitchen counter, pondering on a way to get around eating the cereal. 

"Cinnamon Toast Crunch, Reeses Puffs, or Fruity Pebbles?" Josh asked, preparing three bowls and pouring Reeses Puffs into one, for him. 

"Fruity Pebbles," Brendon replied shortly after the question, which left Tyler with even less time to think.

"What about you, Tyler?"

"Uh, w-what?"

"What cereal do you want?"

Tyler really hoped his new friends wouldn't see the fear in his expression.

"Uh, n-not hungry," Tyler finally said, but his voice shifted an octave higher at the end of his sentence as if he was asking a question. 

Josh gave him a quizzical look. 

"Are you sure? You didn't eat anything for dinner last night either."

"I'm sure, really," Tyler assured him, giving him his most convincing fake smile. 

Brendon turned to him, looking him up and down, taking in his skinny, unproportionate body. 

"Tyler, dude, I think you should probably eat something," He reasoned.

"I said I'm not hungry!" Tyler snapped and Brendon's brown eyes widened.

"Tyler, is there something you're not telling us?" He asked.


"Tyler we're your friends now. You can tell us anything," Josh said, handing Brendon his bowl of cereal.

Tyler thought for a moment. Could he really trust people who he'd only met the day before with his disorder? They did seem to really want to be his friends, but he knew if he told them anything they would only stay his friends out of guilt. Besides, he wasn't really anorexic anyway. Anorexia was for people who didn't eat food and were skinny. All he saw when he looked in the mirror was fat. 

"I'm an open book," Tyler said softly, smile faltering. 

Brendon and Josh continued staring at him for a moment before Brendon said, "And I think I can read you."

Tyler swallowed hard.

"Ty, when was the last time you ate?" Josh asked slowly.

Tyler met his eyes, which seemed to be pleading with him. He couldn't resist those eyes.

"P-please don't h-hate me," Tyler whispered.

Brendon placed a hand on his back.

"No one is going to hate you, Ty."

There was an almost eerie silence as Tyler felt his throat close up and felt his words get stuck on their way up for a moment as Blurry shouted at him. Tears sprung from his eyes and he began to shake violently.

"I-I ate an apple l-last week."

Before he knew what was happening both Brendon and Josh had their arms wrapped around their friend, who sat at the kitchen counter in befuddlement. 

"Y-you're not mad?"

They pulled away, tears welled up in both of their eyes. 

"Of course not," Josh said, "But I really want you to eat some food."

Tyler shook his head vigorously.

"Please," Josh begged.

"Josh, I can't. I j-just can't. I need to do this. I'm so fa-"

"No, no you're not fat. Believe me, Tyler, you've got to believe me, you're skin and bones," Josh said urgently, placing a hand on his knee. 

"I know it's not healthy, Josh, but when I'm not blind. I see myself in the mirror all the time."

Josh shook his head.

"I hope you know that that's part of the disease. It tricks your mind, Ty, really, you need food."

Tyler let this sink in. It hadn't been the first time someone had told him this, but he'd never really considered it since Blurry had always explained to him that they were lying. Yet, Josh just seemed so genuine in what he was saying, so caring, doubt couldn't help but cross his mind for a split-second.

"I-It's not that s-simple," He finally said.

Josh sighed, and Tyler's eyes flickered from Josh's concerned expression to Brendon's. 

"At least have a few bites. Please, Tyler, I can't stand to see you like this."

Tyler refused to meet Josh's eyes.

"God, Tyler, please."

Tyler glanced down at his wristbands, praying Josh wouldn't see the tears beginning to form in his eyes.

"Fine," He finally whispered, looking up to see a huge smile spreading across the blue-haired boy's face.

"Oh my god, Tyler, thank you. Now, Fruity Pebbles, Cinnamon Toast, or Reeses Puffs?"

"Whichever one has the fewest calories."

Josh chose the one with the most calories for Tyler.

After an extremely uncomfortable breakfast of pleading and calories, the three boys made their way to Brendon's jeep and drove to school. 

The school day went by in a blur. Tyler barely saw Josh or his friends, not to mention Gerard and Melanie. He didn't have art class or science that day, as far as he knew he didn't have a single class with Gerard. He couldn't spot Brendon, Patrick, Pete, Dallon, or Spencer, either.

At lunch, he finally found Gerard and Melanie, who were sitting side by side at the same table they had been sitting at the other day. 

"Hey, guys!" He called to them, and they looked up at him with smiles on their faces. 

"So what happened last night?" Gerard asked as he sat down. 

"I spent the night at Josh's," Tyler replied.

Melanie and Gerard exchanged excited glances and wiggled their eyebrows at their friend.

"What? Stop wiggling your eyebrows we didn't do anything!" Tyler hissed, to which Melanie just laughed. 

"Yeah, whatever, I'm still betting you fricked."

Tyler gasped in mock offense. "Did not!" 

"Did, too," She retorted calmly, a smirk on her lips.

"No, we didn't!" Tyler tried to defend himself, but he couldn't help laughing. 

"Whatever, man," Gerard said, siding with Melanie.

Tyler rolled his eyes.

"I'm getting water," He mumbled, standing up to go over to the vending machine. 
He slid a dollar from his backpack into the slot, pressed A3 and waited. 


Tyler spun around to see Josh standing behind him, smiling. 

"H-Hi," Tyler said.

"So, Did you want to maybe sit with me and my friends today?" Josh asked, and Tyler felt a blush creep onto his cheeks. 

"I, uh, um..." He glanced over at his friends who happened to be watching their conversation intently. Melanie grinned and Gerard gave him a thumbs up.


Josh smiled even wider, showing his perfect teeth. 

"Great, come on, follow me."

They made their way over to Josh's table, where his friends were all watching Brendon stick french fries up his nostrils.

"Come on, Beebo! You got this!" Patrick cheered.

Brendon stuck another fry up and then another. 

"Um, guys, Tyler's here," Josh said awkwardly and the boys looked up at them, startled.

"Oh, hello, Tyler," Spencer greeted him while Brendon snorted out the french fries. 

"Ew!" Pete shrieked as one fell on his lap. 

Brendon chuckled and Pete slapped his knee. 

Josh and Tyler sat down beside Dallon, who didn't seem very interested in anything that was going on. In fact, his head was mostly concealed behind the book he was holding only a few inches from his face. Headphones were clamped over his ears, and his shaggy hair stuck up in different places like he hadn't taken the liberty of brushing it that morning. 

"Dal. Hey, Dal. Dallon!" Josh shook his friend until he looked up, seemingly quite surprised that he was even there. 

"Hey," He muttered, never taking off his headphones.

Tyler looked at him skeptically, but Josh just shrugged it off. 

"He always acts like that. He's sort of an introvert."

Tyler just nodded, kind of understanding where he was coming from, since he was, too, extremely introverted. 

"You want any of my lunch?" Josh asked, to which Tyler shook his head no. 

"Are you sure?"

Tyler nodded, refusing to meet his eyes which he knew were filled with genuine concern. He wanted to make the blue-haired boy happy, but after the breakfast he'd had, he wasn't in the mood to eat at all. He was disgusted with himself for even giving into eating anything earlier.

"Okay, but don't be afraid to ask."

Tyler shrugged in response, taking a sip of his water. 


A/N Sorry this chapter was so short and took so long to come out. I'm having a little writer's block where I know where I want the story to go but don't know how to get there. Thanks for understanding. Stay alive. :)












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