I'll Be Here |Joshler|

|Twenty One Pilots Faniction| Tyler Joseph wants to die. Then he meets Josh Dun. Maybe, because of him, he might think twice.


9. Match Making

*Josh's POV*

I was told I could stay with Tyler that night, so I gladly accepted the offer.

Anything for my best friend.

The problem was, something was off about the way I felt about Tyler. Those urges from earlier couldn't have been real, could they? They were just strange urges. I didn't feel anything towards Tyler. Besides, not only is he probably not gay, but I have a girlfriend, who I love a lot. I can't feel that way towards him. 

I'd only just met him a few days ago, after all.

But, oh, looking at him then in the hospital, asleep with his mouth hanging open and a softened expression, he was so hard to resist thinking about. His tan, sun-kissed skin looked smooth and soft, his freckles were dusted lightly on his cheeks and over his nose. His dark brown eyes were always so stunning, captivating and iridescent, twinkling in both sunlight and moonlight. His lips were perfectly round and plump, perfect for kissing, really, and as much as I hated to admit it I was practically infatuated with how beautiful he was.

It didn't make any sense, though, because as far as I knew I wasn't gay.

I'd certainly felt something towards boys sometimes, but not like this.

This was oh, so very different.

I crossed the room, pacing around the beautiful boy that lay in front of me. He was so gorgeous, there was no denying that. His laugh always made me crack a smile, and his voice was so adorable, high pitched and with a sarcastic tone at the same time.

I loved everything about this boy.

I sighed, sinking into a chair beside his bed helplessly and resting my head in my hand. Maybe I was just tired. Maybe I wasn't thinking straight. I stood, walking the few feet to the hospital bed and crawling in beside Tyler. It was warm and I snuggled into Tyler's side involuntarily, he was very warm. 

I supposed all I needed was some sleep.

I ran my hand through the brunette's fluffy hair.

Things would make sense in the morning. 

I wrapped an arm around his small waist.

Surely I wouldn't feel the same way towards him as I did then...


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"Are you even listening to me?"

Josh snapped out of his daze, eyes focusing on Brendon, who sat in front of him sipping a mocha latté. He was wearing his reading glasses and a brown beanie that had been tossed carelessly over his pile of messy hair.

"Sorry," Josh mumbled, glancing back out the window to across the street where Tyler was talking to a really emo looking kid with a mop of brown hair. 

"As I was saying," Brendon began, "I was thinking for our project we could-"

"Brendon I need your advice."

Brendon stared at him for a split second with his mouth agape, but only briefly. 

"With what?"

Josh sighed, running a hand through his frizzy, blue hair.

"You ever... question your sexuality before?"

Brendon chuckled lightly, but the tone of the topic didn't feel any brighter.

"You know I'm bi."

"Right." Josh sighed once more, sliding his rubber Death Cab For Cutie bracelet around and around his wrist.

"Okay, so hypothetically, if someone were in a relationship, but may or may not have feelings towards someone else who is of the same gender, what do you think they should do?"

Brendon raised an eyebrow.

"I don't know, never been in that situation before."

Josh rolled his eyes.

"You're a great help."

"And you're a great partner on this project."

The door to the coffee shop opened and Tyler walked in, Tyler, the person Josh despised the most at that moment.

It had been almost a week, and he still hadn't changed his mind about how he felt about Tyler. He just seemed to be getting cuter and cuter every day. 

"Hey, tree boy!" Brendon called. 

Josh elbowed him, but Tyler just chuckled, making his way over to the table. 

"Brendon, could I talk to you for a moment?"

"Of course." 

Tyler sat down, glancing at Josh quickly before returning his gaze to Brendon. 

"So, you're single, right?"

Brendon looked confused. "Er, yeah... why?"

Tyler's leg shook up and down.

"So, um, I'm not sure how to go about this since we just met and all but uh... There's this guy that really likes you."

Brendon cocked his head to the side. 

"Someone has a crush on me?"

Tyler nodded. "His name's Ryan."

Brendon nodded slowly.

"So, you're saying you want me to ask him out?"

"Y-yeah. I guess."

Brendon smiled. 

"Yeah, sure, he sounds cool. I'll ask him on a date, see how it goes."

Tyler smiled back.

"Great, wow, glad that's done. Now I can tell Mel it's set in stone." He stood up. 

"Bye, Brendon, bye, Josh."

Josh waved in a trance-like way, never taking his eyes off the small boy as he left. 

Tyler rushed outside, a wave of wind blasting him in the face. He ignored it and the chill that ran down his spine and ran across the street to where Ryan was waiting expectantly. 

"So? How'd it go?" He asked softly. He never seemed to speak louder than just above a whisper.

Tyler smiled.

"It went great. He wants to ask you on a date!"

Ryan's jaw dropped and he just stared at Tyler in complete shock.

"R-really? Y-you've g-got to be k-kidding."

Tyler shook his head. "Not kidding, cross my heart."

Ryan suddenly wrapped his arms around Tyler, tightly hugging him.

"T-Thank you. Scoring a date with Brendon Urie... That's like a dream come true. I've had a crush on him since eighth grade."

Tyler hugged back, smiling. 

"No problem, buddy."

Josh and Brendon watched from the window of the coffee shop intently, wishing they could hear the conversation.

"Is that Ryan?" Brendon asked.

"I think so..."

Brendon surveyed the scene a moment longer.

"He is cute. Screw it, he's fricking adorable."

Josh smiled, glancing at Brendon suggestively. 

"So, you like him."

Brendon rolled his eyes.

"I haven't even met him yet. But, yes, I'm now very much enjoying the idea of taking him on a date." 


"So, you take the sum and square it, and that's the value of x."

Tyler frowned, confusion readable in his expression. 

"So, x is 425?"

"Exactly!" Josh said, patting Tyler on the back, resulting in an ethereal smile from the smaller boy. 

He'd been struggling in his math class, so when he told Josh about this, Josh was more than happy to tutor him. He'd come to accept that Tyler was, yes, a boy crush. He still wasn't happy about it, liking boys wasn't something that had ever impacted him as greatly as Tyler. He had always ignored his urges, but with Tyler, they were always so hard to push back into the closet. He had to come out. 

So as they sat there, studying in the library on a quiet Tuesday afternoon, Josh cleared his throat nervously, bringing Tyler's attention away from his work.


"Tyler, have you ever... questioned your sexuality?"

Tyler hesitated.


Josh let out a sigh of relief, he was finally doing this. 

"G-good, because I think I'm bi." He looked away, scared of Tyler's reaction.

The hand that was placed on his shoulder triggered the release of his breath, relief washing over him. He looked back into Tyler's eyes, which he found to be very close to his. He realized he was so close he could kiss him.

He didn't, though.

"Josh, it's okay to like the same gender. Relax."

Josh leaned back in his chair, closing his eyes.

"I know, It's just... scary."

Tyler nodded. 

"Yeah, I get that."












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