I'll Be Here |Joshler|

|Twenty One Pilots Faniction| Tyler Joseph wants to die. Then he meets Josh Dun. Maybe, because of him, he might think twice.


10. Jealous

It was during math class when Josh decided he was going to break up with Debby. The girl he could have sworn he loved with all of his heart only a few weeks before. Her red locks he would run his hand through, her beautiful entrancing eyes, her kissable lips, he would miss all of those things. She was practically the definition of perfect. But... 

Tyler Joseph was someone who made all those perfections a little less perfect because he was far more perfect.

"Hey, Joshie!" She called to him when they made eye contact in the hallway that afternoon. 

Her curly hair was pulled back in a high ponytail and it was swishing back and forth. Her eyes were filled with excitement and light. 

"I've got some great news, babe!" 

"What's that?" Josh sighed as she wrapped her arm around him. 

"I got the part!"
Josh looked at her in bewilderment.

"The part in the TV show?"

Debby nodded, grinning widely in excitement.

"Wow, Debs, I'm so proud of you!" Josh said honestly.

He was truly very proud of his girlfriend. She was so happy, how was he going to let her down? He couldn't. He suddenly remembered just how much he loved his girlfriend, how beautiful they were together. He wanted to love her forever. 

But what about Tyler?

"So does this mean you're moving to Hollywood?" Josh questioned slowly.

Debby's face fell a bit.

"Yes. Yes, it does. But I was hoping we could stay in touch? Facetime? Skype?"

A bubbling of excitement suddenly formed inside of Josh as he realized his easy breakup opportunity.

"Debby... You know I love you, but I don't think I can have a long distance relationship."

Debby was full on frowning now, tears forming in her eyes. This was hurting so bad.

"Josh, you can't mean that. W-we can make this work."

Josh shook his head, refusing to meet Debby's eyes.

"I'm sorry. I think... I think we should break up."

Debby had tears streaming down her face now. 

"Josh please."

"I'm sorry," Josh whispered. 

He placed his lips on hers suddenly, which she melted into. 

One last kiss.

"Goodbye, Debby."



Tyler turned to see Pete running to him gleefully as he closed his locker.

"What's up Pete?"

Pete had the biggest grin on his face.

"I'm throwing a party tonight, and get this, Patrick scored you a date!"

Tyler's jaw dropped and a hundred different thoughts flooded his mind.

"A date?" Pete nodded excitedly.

"Her name's Jenna. She's super hot, I mean damn, she's perfect for you."

Tyler opened his mouth to tell Pete that he wasn't into girls, but before he could utter a single word, he had slipped a slip of paper with his address into his hand and was waving goodbye. 

But I'm gay.


Petes's house was already filled with smoke, guests already stoned as hell. He led Tyler inside to a group of people, some of whom were recognizable as Spencer, Patrick, and Dallon. A blond haired girl with blue eyes almost as bright as Troye's stood beside them, smiling at Tyler sweetly. 

"Ty, this is Jenna. Jenna, Tyler," Pete introduced them.

Jenna's smile widened, she took a step closer to Tyler making him visibly uncomfortable. Noticing this, Jenna took his hand.

"You don't have to be scared of me. Pete told me about your... situation with your dad. I would never hurt you. Besides, we're only dates for tonight. You don't have to continue if you don't want to."

Her voice was soft and high, full of care. Tyler felt guilty as hell for being gay. 

He nodded, not wanting to disappoint. Like she said, it would only be for one night.

It was at that moment that Josh and Brendon chose to enter Pete's house, both of them wearing all black. Brendon adjusted his leather jacket and smoothed over his hair, winking at numerous people.

Josh stared straight at Tyler, who was staring back. His eyes trailed down to Tyler's hand, which was interlocked with Jenna's. A pang of jealousy hit him. He had literally broken up with his girlfriend for Tyler! Anger consumed him and suddenly he was grabbing Brendon, pressing their lips together. 

Brendon was unresponsive at first, eyes growing wide as the slightly shorter male kissed him. After a moment, however, he kissed back, Josh making out with him hard and fast. 

"J-Josh?" He gasped, pulling away slightly, "What are you doing?"

He wasn't expecting to see the desperation in his best friend's eyes.

"Please, Brendon, just be my date for tonight."

Confusion was written on Brendon's face and Josh simply nodded in Tyler's direction. The boy was staring at them in awe, but his hand was interlocked with a girl's.

"Oh. Oh."

"Besides," Josh continued, "I know you've always wanted to be with me."

At this, Brendon grabbed Josh's face, pulling him back into the kiss. Josh pressed against him, backing him into the wall. Josh knew Tyler was watching, and oh, he was enjoying it. If Tyler could make him jealous, he could make Tyler jealous. 

Tyler watched from afar tears welling up in his doe-shaped eyes. Had Josh broken up with Debby? It certainly seemed like it. So he was with Brendon, now? Brendon knew how much Josh meant to him! But he had said he wanted Josh, too...

Tyler turned back to Jenna and the rest of the group, the tears threatening to spill down his freckled cheeks.

"I, um, have to go to the bathroom."

Pete nodded, pointing down a hallway.

"Last door on your left."

Tyler nodded, slowly slipping his hand out of Jenna's and making his way towards the bathroom. He swung open the door and stepped inside, immediately sliding down the wall and letting out a sob. He pulled his knees up to his chest and cried, tears flowing down in now red face. 

How could Brendon have done that to him? How could Josh have done that to him? Josh, of course, had no idea that he liked him, but he could have at least told Tyler that he'd broken up with his girlfriend before moving onto Brendon. 

After what seemed like forever, Tyler stood up, looking at his reflection in the bathroom mirror. His eyes were puffy and red, his face tear-streaked. Sighing, he turned on the sink and splashed his face with water until it was a less prominent shade.

Knowing he couldn't hide out forever, her slowly creaked open the door of the bathroom and slipped back into the hallway. 

As if on cue, both Josh and Brendon walked out of a bedroom directly across from Tyler, giggling messes, looking extremely disheveled and giddy. Tyler stopped in his tracks and so did they. 

"Tyler," Josh greeted him stiffly.

"Josh," Tyler said in the same tone. 

There was an awkward moment of silence as the two boys glared at each other, leaving Brendon to watch them nervously. Tyler had absolutely no idea why Josh was acting so annoyed with him, but he decided he would return the coldness anyway.

Jenna broke the tension by running up to them and slipping her arm around Tyler's waist, much to both Tyler and Josh's dismay.

"Tyler! There you are! Come on, Pete, Dallon, Spencer, and Patrick want us to dance!" 


Jenna nodded sweetly. 

"Come on, Ty, It'll be fun."

Tyler took a skeptical glance at Josh, who was practically fuming. 


Jenna giggled, pulling him away and through the crowd towards their friends just as a slower song came on through Pete's high-quality speakers.

She smiled, unhooking their arms and placing her hands on his shoulders. Tyler, unsure of what to do, racked his brain for what the male role in slow dancing was. His hands roamed awkwardly in the air. Shoulders? No, Jenna had her hands on his shoulders, he was supposed to hold her by her...

Jenna smirked, removing her arms briefly so he could grab his hands and place them on her waist. 

Tyler subconsciously facepalmed at his stupidity as they began to move in circles. 

Josh and Brendon watched from the hall, Josh eyeing them with complete rage. Brendon glanced at him with concern, clearly disliking the feud between his friends. 

"You know, Josh, he never clarified is he was bi or gay to me, but he certainly looks uncomfortable dancing with that girl."

Josh grunted in response.

"I've talked to him before, though," Brendon added quickly, "And he definitely likes you."

At this Josh turned to look at his friend with wide eyes.

"Why the hell is he with her tonight then?"

Brendon shrugged, running his hand through his completely messed up hair. "You never told him you broke up with Debby. Besides, he probably didn't have much choice. You know Pete."

Josh narrowed his eyes, giving Brendon a skeptical look.

"I don't know."

Brendon sighed, tired of trying to make amends and being a rebound. "I'm going to get some wine."

"See ya," Josh replied, leaning against the wall and turning his attention back to Tyler and Jenna, who were now in an awkward waltz. 

Brendon sauntered off towards the kitchen, where Ashley just so happened to be dancing on the counter, clearly very intoxicated.

When the slow song finally ended, Tyler immediately detached himself from Jenna and mumbled something about needing to use the restroom again. Jenna nodded and he started back towards the hallway. 

At the sight of a very shady looking Josh, however, he changed directions almost immediately. He found himself in the kitchen, looking up at a rather dizzy Ashley spinning around on the marble countertop. A drunken Melanie was tossing money at her, yelling some rather innapropriate things. Tyler decided to turn his attention away from this only to find Brendon leaning against the fridge, smoking a cigarette and watching the smoke rise in front of him, appearing trance-like. 


Brendon turned at the sound of his name, appearing slightly surprised at the sight of Tyler. 

"Hey," He slurred, taking another drag from his cigarette

Tyler approached him quickly, grabbing his shirt collar and pinning him against the fridge, causing him to drop the smoke and quickly stamp it out beneath his feet. Tyler wasn't sure where this surge of anger was coming from, he just knew that his stoned friend wasn't going to pay much attention to him any other way. 

"Tyler, I can expla-"

"Why the frick would you do that to me?"

"Ty, look, Josh was just using me!" 

"What do you mean?" Tyler spat, glaring into Brendon's large pupils. 

"I mean he's just using me to make you jealous!" 


"You heard me. Turns out he does like you. Congrats."

Tyler shook his head.

"There's no way you're serious."

Brendon snorted.

"Why else would he be pissed as hell? Why else would he break up with Debby?"

Tyler scoffed. "I don't know, maybe you told him something bad about me or something."

Brendon rolled his eyes. 

"Would I do that?" 

Tyler released his friend, unresponsive. It seemed rather hard to believe what Brendon was saying was true, but he couldn't really argue. 

Brendon smirked, pulling a pack of cigarettes from his pocket and lighting one. He slipped it into his lips and inhaled, Tyler coughed as smoke blew into his face. 

"Ack! Watch it!"

"Whatever, man!" 

Tyler humphed, rolling his eyes and making his way back through the crowds to the hallway once more. Josh was no longer standing there, so he figured he should probably head back to the bathroom to clear his head, contemplate whether he should leave early or not. He had, after all, told his parents he was going to a late night study session. Those didn't normally last until 3:00 in the morning on a Thursday night. 

When he creaked open the door to the bathroom, however, he was met with a rather disgusting scene, one that consisted of Patrick puking into the toilet. He slammed the door shut quickly, backing into the hallway. 

Suddenly, a hand grabbed him by his tiny waist and before he could cry out another was placed firmly over his mouth. He was pulled into one of the bedrooms, the door to the hallway slamming shut before his eyes as he was tossed onto the bed. 

It was very dark, so dark that Tyler could only see the silhouette of a person, a male, coming towards him. A strangled gasp sounded from Tyler's plump, round lips as anxiety filled him. 

A light flickered on and Tyler was surprised to see Josh standing there.

"Did I scare you?" He asked quietly.

Tyler whimpered, nodding slowly. 

"I'm sorry," Josh mumbled.

He sat down on the bed next to his friend, who was cowered against the headboard in fear. He reached out to touch him, but Tyler flinched away, backing farther into the headboard until his back was pressed against it.

"Tyler, please, I just want to talk. I'm not going to hurt you."

Tyler sniffled helplessly, drawing his knees up to his chest.

"I-I"m sorry. It's just not the first time I've b-been forced into a d-dark room like that before. T-The last time that h-happened bad st-stuff happened. And the way y-you were acting earlier..."

Josh felt his heart break at Tyler's words and he wrapped his arms around the frail boy, who was shaking. 

"I would never do anything to hurt you, and god, I'm sorry for how b**chy I was being."

Tyler let out a small sob, burying his head in Josh's chest and inhaling his scent. The whole night had been extremely traumatic for him, and despite the fact that Josh had been a real jerk earlier, he was here now, holding him tightly against him.


“Yes, baby boy?” 


“I’m really, really, tired. Can you drive me home? I don’t want to be here a-anymore,” Tyler replied, seeming not to have heard Josh’s nickname.

“Of course,” Josh said, “We’ll finish this chat tomorrow.”

Since Tyler was latched onto him so tight, Josh lifted him up bridal style, moving towards the door. It swung open with ease and, careful not to let anyone see, he made his way towards the back door of the house. 

He slipped into the night, Tyler’s head still buried in his chest. Josh carried him to his car, plunking him down in the back and buckling him in. He began to drive to Tyler's house, and before long Tyler drifted off to sleep in the back. 

He would explain everything tomorrow. Everything would be alright.

A/N: Soooooooo kinda long chapter to make up for the short one what did you think?? Also I kinda stole the idea of Brendon being Josh's rebound from a wattpad user so creds to them I forgot their name o well but like I thought it was a good idea. Sorry my updates take forevvvverrrrr to come out. Stay Alive |-/






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