I'll Be Here |Joshler|

|Twenty One Pilots Faniction| Tyler Joseph wants to die. Then he meets Josh Dun. Maybe, because of him, he might think twice.


2. Friends?

A/N: Trigger warning, anorexia and self harm


"So, are you excited for your first day of school?" Tyler's mom asked him, setting a plate of scrambled eggs on the counter.

"Yeah," Tyler lied, picking up his fork and fiddling with the yellow mush in front of him.

"Good," She said, "And remember, the guidance counselor would like to see you in his office before school, okay?"

"Mhmm," Tyler replied, not really listening.

He could only focus on trying not to eat the eggs that seemed to be calling his name.

Døn't eat it.

I won't, Blurryface.

Gøød, yøu're already fat enøugh as it is.

I know.

Zack walked into the kitchen, pulling his red hood over his frizzy hair. 

"Good morning, Zack," Their mother greeted him, handing him his eggs. 

He dug in immediately and Tyler envied him.

"No, not a good morning," Zack muttered between chews, "I'm starting at a new school today." 

"Well, Tyler's excited, aren't you, Tyler?" 

Zack turned to Tyler and raised his eyebrows, to which Tyler just shrugged.

It had been two weeks since they'd moved to the Blue Neighborhood, and needless to say, neither one of them had made any friends. School was the last thing they wanted to think about.

A roar came from outside and the two boys looked up to see the school bus waiting for them outside. 

"Oh," Zack muttered.

"Oh," Tyler echoed. 

In a sort of robotic way, Tyler jumped down from his stool at the kitchen counter and began to run to the door, but not before his little sister grabbed onto his legs tightly. 

"Mads!" He cried at Madison, who was trying to keep him still. 

Zack sighed, peeling her off of Tyler. 

"Tyjo!" She wailed. 

"I'll see you after school, okay, Mads?" He called to her.

She just bit her lip and nodded. Tyler thought that he could add her to Dr. Clark's list of "Reasons to stay alive." She would fit in there perfectly. 

He approached the bus with Zack close behind him, inhaling and exhaling to calm his nerves. It was only a bus, he knew, but there was still the whole issue of finding a seat quick enough, sitting next to the right person, the eyes that followed him through the isle. He shuddered involuntarily. 

He found a seat quick enough, quickly scanning the rows of children, mainly the back since he was a sophomore. He slipped in next to a boy with black hair that hung all around his face like a frame. Black eyeliner winged out from his eyes and he wore an outfit similar to Tyler's; a black band shirt and black skinny jeans. The only difference was that he didn't wear Tyler's flower-print kimono. 

The boy watched him sit down, appearing kind of surprised that someone would sit with him.

"Hi?" He offered, and Tyler could tell this didn't happen often.

"H-hello," Tyler said.

They looked at each other awkwardly for what seemed like the longest time before the boy stuck his hand out for Tyler to shake. 

"My name is Gerard," He said, "Gerard Way."

Tyler tried to smile, but he only managed to curve his lips up slightly. 

"I'm T-Tyler, Tyler Joseph."

"N-nice to meet you," Gerard said.

"Nice to meet you, too."

"So is it your first year here?"

Tyler nodded. "I'm a sophomore. I moved here a few weeks ago."

Gerard smiled.

"Well, uh, welcome to the Blue Neighborhood, pal."


Gerard's face flushed with embarrassment.

"Oh, I mean, I just thought, uh..."

"That we could be friends?"

"Uh... Y-yeah."

Tyler placed a hand on Gerard's arm. "Of course we can be friends."

Gerard smiled once again. "Wow, I've never had a friend before."

"Neither have I," Tyler said, "Although come to think of it, I was friends with some guy named Chris, but when I came out in 6th grade he, like, broke up with me."

Gerard frowned. 

"Sorry to hear that."

Tyler sighed. "Well, it is what it is, right?"

Gerard nodded. "I guess so."

Tyler was relieved that Gerard hadn't made a huge point about his sexuality. It was clear that he was going to be a good friend.

The bus finally pulled up beside a shady looking brick building. Big, white letters were bolted above the entrance that said Blue High School. 

"Creative, aren't they?" Gerard said, pointing to the letters as they got off the bus. 

Tyler looked up and laughed. "Yeah, totally." 

They marched inside, already sweating from the too-hot sun of Ohio. The lighting change made Tyler grimace and squint around at his surroundings. The lockers were a bright red and the tiles on the floor were colored yellow, red, and white, and they repeated themselves in a diagonal pattern. The walls were mostly a cream color, except for some areas that were built out of brick. It was more than a little different from his last school, a private school for depressed people where they would get help. His parents called it a school for "Special" kids, but he knew what they weren't telling him with just a glance at the place. It reminded him of a hospital, everything was a gleaming white that hurt his eyes. 

"So, what school did you go to before this?" Gerard asked as if he could read Tyler's mind. 

Tyler hesitated before saying, "The Columbus Therapeutic Boarding School." 

Gerard's mouth fell open slightly, but he closed it quickly. 

"So you're, um, depressed?" 

Tyler nodded. "Apparently happy kids don't cry every day and make cuts on their wrists."

Gerard suddenly wrapped his arm around Tyler.

"Well, if you ever need anything just text me, okay?"

Tyler chuckled lightly.

"I uh, don't have your number."

"Right!" Gerard said, pulling back and grabbing a pen from his bag and taking Tyler's arm.

He went to write on his wrist but found they were occupied.

"Oh, I, uh, sorry," He mumbled moving past them to Tyler's palm, "I know you probably didn't want me to see those."

"Not, really, but it's okay," Tyler reassured him as he jotted down his number.

"So, um," Tyler said when he was finished, "I'm supposed to see the guidance counselor before the bell rings. Do you know where that is?"

Gerard nodded, pointing down the hallway to his left. 

"Right down there, the last door before the next intersection on the right." 

Tyler nodded, "Thanks."

He sprinted off in that direction, hoping Gerard would be in one of his classes. 

"Hello," He greeted the guidance counselor, who was sitting at his desk rifling through a stack of papers. 

He looked up abruptly and smiled when he saw Tyler.

"Hi, young man, what can I do for you today?" 

"Uh, my name is Tyler Joseph and I'm new here." He hated how cliche he sounded.

The man snapped his fingers. "Ah, yes! I have your schedule right over here."

He licked his finger and grabbed a piece of paper from on top of a filing cabinet. He handed it to Tyler, who made sure not to touch the part where the old man's wet finger had been.

"Th-thank you," Tyler said.

The guidance counselor smiled even bigger if that was possible. He reminded Tyler of Dr. Clark, always overly cheery and trying too hard to make people happy. 

"No problem. I'm Mr. Johnson. Your locker number is 245 and if you have any further questions, please feel free to come talk to me, okay, Tyler?"

Tyler nodded, scurrying out of the room with his schedule. 

When he reentered the crowded hallways, Gerard was missing. He hadn't really expected him to wait for him, but he immediately felt fear rising in the pit of his stomach without the boy by his side. He was completely alone in a new school. 

Hoping not to make eye contact with anyone, Tyler made his way through the school, scanning the lockers for 245, the number he was repeating over and over again in his mind. When he finally found the rusty metal door with his number on it, he opened it up quickly, plunked his bag inside, and glanced down at his schedule. His first class was science, and he felt the butterflies in his stomach flutter even more. He was probably the most failed science student there was. 

He reached room 119 just as the bell rang, completely missing the chance to slip in unnoticed. He pretended that there weren't a million pairs of eyes following him and slipped into a seat at the back of the room. 

When the teacher started doing her job, most of the eyes returned to the lesson. Tyler let out a breath he didn’t know he was holding back. He glanced around quickly, hoping to spot Gerard, but he was no where to be found. He did, however, see a boy with bright blue hair that reminded him an awful lot of the boy he’d seen at the park the other day. Thinking that maybe it was him, Tyler craned his neck forward to try to get a better glimpse of the boy. To Tyler’s advantage, he turned his head to the side, clearly completely zoned out, and clearly Josh. This revelation took Tyler by surprise and he nearly jumped out of his seat. The girl to his right glanced at him and glared, but Tyler couldn’t care less. A hot boy was not only in his school, but in his class. Butterflies(The good ones) made their way into his stomach. 

Yeah, a høt bøy whø has a girlfriend.

Tyler tried not to let Blurryface’s words get to him, but he still felt his heart sink all the same. 

Well, that doesn’t mean I can’t have a crush on him, Tyler retorted.

Blurry said nothing, and thinking that he had won their little argument, he began to stare at Josh, completely zoning out on the lesson. He studied Josh’s articulate features, those gorgeous, big, brown eyes which flickered around the classroom in a dreamy sort of way, showing that the blue boy was clearly deep in thought. He had his face cupped under one hand, his lips somewhere between a ghost of a smile and a soft frown. 

Suddenly, Josh’s eyes landed on Tyler, who had only been sitting two rows away. His big eyes seemed to widen slightly and Tyler quickly looked away, feeling a blush creep onto his cheeks. A tingling sensation ripped through him when he realized he’d actually made eye contact with him. 

The bell rang, and Tyler grabbed his bag in a swift motion and moved toward the door. He trailed along behind the pack of students all rushing through the frame, hoping to get to their next class. Tyler was pretty sure his next class was art, which he was extremely excited for, since he would have the chance to ask about joining art club, which he knew was a thing because his mother had found it in the school newsletter that summer while they were packing to move. 

Suddenly he felt a hand on his shoulder and he spun around, surprised to come face to face with Josh, blue boy.

“Sorry,” He said, referring to Tyler’s wide eyes, “I didn’t mean to startle you.”

“S’okay,” Tyler spoke quickly, trying hard to avert his eyes, but failing because Josh’s were so mesmerizing. 

The boy in question ran his hand through his blue hair thoughtfully, removing his hand from Tyler’s shoulder, which seemed to yearn for his warmth when it was gone.

“I was just wondering, uh, why you were looking at me during that lecture.” His voice had a tone of amusement to it and Tyler fought to keep the blush concealed under his skin. 

“Oh, I-I, I’m,” He stuttered, “I w-was j-just…”

Josh raised an eyebrow and Tyler swallowed audibly. 

“I’m not mad if that’s what your thinking.”

“N-no, It’s j-just that I…” Tyler let his gaze drop to the floor, but couldn’t resist bouncing back up into Josh’s eyes.

“I, uh, l-like your hair.”

He thinks yøur weird nøw, Tyler, he thinks yøu like him and he certainly døesn't like you back. You went tøø far, gød, Tyler, why are yøu sø stupid? Yøu really cøuldn’t cøme up with anything better? 

“Thanks,” Josh replied, his charming smile forming rapidly on his face. 

“S-sure,” Tyler said, feeling nervous beads of sweat appear on his forehead. 

Heart racing, he slowly turned back to the now clear doorway and stepped out into the hallway, rushing through, frantically searching for the art room. For some reason, the sight of Josh and his soft, yet deep voice made him feel giddy and fearful at the same time. 

“Okay, see you around,” Josh called to him, the same tone of confusion in them as the day they’d first met. 

Tyler wondered if Josh even remembered him from that day.


The art room smelled like wax and fresh paint, a comforting smell. Tyler took a seat at the table most appealing to him-in this kind of classroom he didn’t feel the need to hide. The atmosphere made him feel somewhat belonging. 

A girl sat down next to him and he immediately took interest in her, perhaps because of her odd hair, half black, half blond, and separated into two pigtails. She reminded Tyler of a pastel goth, maybe she was one.

“Hello,” He greeted her shyly, and she looked up at him with doll-like eyes. 

“Hi,” She replied in a soft voice, smoothing down her pink skirt. She immediately pulled out a sketchpad and a pencil from her bag and flipped it open, revealing many drawings along her way to a blank page. They seemed to consist mostly of more gruesome drawings, but Tyler couldn’t be sure, since they all went by in a flash. 

He pulled out a sketchbook of his own, he had come completely prepared, drawing was his favorite pastime. 

“So,” The girl said, pressing her pencil down onto the paper, letting the graphite smooth itself onto the opac surface in a curved line, “What’s your name?”

“Tyler, you?” 


They both returned their attentions to their work, neither of them really ones for conversation. Just as the bell rang, Melanie stopped him before he could stand from his stool.

“I like your art,” She said. 


“You should think about joining art club.”

“Actually, that’s what I was going to do,” Tyler said, gesturing towards the art teacher who was nodding at the students as they exited the room. 

Melanie smiled, and Tyler saw a gap between her teeth. “Great idea.”

They both walked over to the teacher and before Tyler could open his mouth to say anything, Melanie was already speaking for him. 

“Tyler Joseph and I want to join art club. You already know me from last year, but I assure you Tyler has talent. I mean look at him, he’s practically the spitting image of an artist.”

Ms. Smith nodded genuinely. “Of course you kids can join. We meet after school every Wednesday. That’s tomorrow.”

Melanie’s smile grew wider. 

“Thank you, Ms. Smith, thank you so much.” She skipped happily out of the classroom, her white converse making squeaking noises on the tile floors. Tyler followed behind, nodding curtly to his teacher before stepping outside. 

“You’ll love art club,” Melanie mused, “It really makes you feel like you belong, you know?”

“Yeah,” Tyler said, reviewing his schedule over in his head. As he scanned his thoughts, however, a realization suddenly dawned on him.

“Hey, how did you know my last name?”

Melanie turned to look at him.


“It’s just that when you were talking to Ms.Smith you called me Tyler Joseph. I don’t remember giving you my full name.” 

Melanie appeared to think for a moment, her eyes looking off into the distance somewhere and her lip curling inward slightly. Tyler could see the gap in her teeth again.

“Oh,” She said, drawing out the word in a childish way. 

“You sign your name on your work.”

“Ah,” Tyler said, it made much more since now. It wasn’t hard to imagine Melanie as a psycho stalker. 

Melanie smiled once again. She seemed to do that a lot. 

“Find me at lunch?”


Wøw, løøk at yøu, already making frenemies. Yøu knøw they just pity the sad new kid. They are eluding yøu. Gerard, Melanie, and if yøu think for øne secønd yøu have anything gøing øn with Jøsh, get yøur facts straight. They’ll kick yøu to the curb when they get børed øf yøur børing face.

I prefer the term friends. 

We’ll see høw løng that lasts.







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